Ghosts Of The Anasazi Pendant - Rediscover Nature's Harmonious Balance

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Rediscover Nature's Harmonious Balance

Julia Watkins' New Ghosts Of The Anasazi pendant taps you into this ancient culture's wisdom and energies - their direct magical connection to mother earth.

About The Pendant

Julia Watkins' new chakra balanced, energy enhanced Ghosts Of The Anasazi Pendant, featuring the moonlit image of a Anasazi cliff dwelling, connects you to the magical, deeply calming spiritual attunement of this ancient culture.

What's more, through you, it subliminally projects back into our societal consciousness a reverence and love for all living things and our beautiful planet.

Wearing the pendant tells the world that you are deeply, spiritually connected to gaia.

It says you embrace finding a balance - that mother earth's energies, spiritually channeled through you, will overcome the forces of greed that seek to destroy our planet.

Dimensions And Materials

Chakra balanced & energy enhanced! Size 1.75 x 1.75 inches. Fired resinated glass on stainless. Argentium silver bale. Chain not included.
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About The Anasazi 

The Anasazi (Ancient Ones) lived in the American Southwest, developing a complex and highly spiritual civilization over 1,000 years ago. They are the ancestors of modern day Pueblo Native Americans. Anasazi petroglyphs, paintings and ruins can be found in abundance in this area.

When you hike the ruins of the villages they built into the cliffs, especially on a moonlight night as depicted in this painting, you experience an extremely strong sense of their ancient spirits and energy ... the wisdom and life of communities that lived in harmony with the land.

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    Posted by Reginia Sam on Mar 7th 2018

    Very unique and very nice. Interesting pendant and I love what it stands for. I have many of her pendants and I wear a different one everyday.