Lapis Visionary Seer's Energy Necklace - The only one that guarantees visions.*

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This Necklace Contains The Only Lapis "Seer's" Stones Guaranteed To Bring You Strong Intuitions Just From Touching Them*
Extremely rare and beautiful lapis necklace, with energy stones so powerful you can experience visions or strong intuitions when you simply touch them. 
Learn Below How This Is Possible & Where This Necklace Came From.
Hand made in a sacred space in -- our Gypsum Colorado new age studio. Adjustable size 17" to 20" inches. Available in both fan and sculpted center pieces in medium and large size.  Premium quality lapis, total 125 carats for medium size and 175 carats for large sized stones.  Pieces pictured are samples.  All stones vary. 

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Note:  Every one of the center stones are going to be different. No two will look exactly the same.  We show them by style so you have a good idea of how they will look, then posted photos of samples.

(An original Energy Artist Julia Design)


Dear Friends, 
Before I met an Afghani man named Qaiser (meaning Ceasar or Emperor) I’d never seen lapis like this. He showed me amazing stones … the bluest of blue you can imagine, with gold flecks and intricate patterns.  
Because they were so unusual, we tested them and discovered that they were in fact real, authentic, natural. You can’t be too careful.
I learned that Quaiser travels between his home country and Europe, bringing with him only the best stones to be used by Europe’s fine jewelers. 
Hold them close and look into them, and they are just mesmerizing. It is a visual delight hard to describe. I look into them and see stars, galaxies and the depths of my own soul.
But my fascination with Quaiser’s stones was more than just their fantastic beauty. They have an astounding energy like no lapis I have ever experienced. 
All you have to do is touch one, close your eyes and you will be transported to other worlds, receiving the visionary abilities of a seer, opening your third eye and allowing you to experience the spiritual world in a completely new way. * 
They truly are powerful magic ... with just a touch enhancing inner vision, clairvoyance, foresight, intuition and wisdom so you can make correct life decisions. They also allow you to see and break bad patterns.  
I learned that these stones come from the same source as those acquired by the ancient Pharaohs and mystic priests of Egypt, allowing them to prophesize, divine, see the world of the gods and the afterlife as well as the future. They were even worn by Cleopatra.
So, I spent for what was for me a small fortune to get some of them. After quite a wait, a package arrived. We all stood around in the studio and just marveled at them. In my mind's eye they seemed to beam out a mystical blue energy.
I asked spirit for a vision that would allow me to place them into the most powerful configuration ... to make the lapis work even better … to make it the true necklace of a visionary seer … allowing you to gain all the powers of a fully opened third eye.
And this is the necklace I saw in my vision and made for you. I unfortunately couldn’t get many so if you resonate with this, I suggest you take advantage of this rare opportunity.  
This is a very fine, heirloom creation. You will want to hold onto it and pass down to a daughter, niece or friend who you feel possesses your spiritual qualities.
Now most jewelers would use one stone of this quality and energy per jewelry piece, and charge quite a bit for it. This necklace has 25 pieces, a full 125 carats for the medium stone necklace and 175 carats for the large stone necklace. You simply will not find this quality and value at this price anywhere in the world. It is a significant piece you will want to pass on.
My one recommendation is that you not wear this every day to start. The energies are very strong when you do the meditation I provide with the piece. You need some time to get used to it. With time though, it will become an important part of you. I believe these pieces have their own spirit. It will become a trusted friend you won’t want to be without.
I wish you the best of luck with this, And if it isn’t too much trouble, please drop me a note and tell me what visions you see when you wear it, and especially how they helped you or others.
Energy Artist Julia
*I guarantee you will experience a vision, or strong intuition even the first time you touch it. 
I guarantee that if you wear this, or even touch it for the first times, you will experience energies that enable visions, insights and intuitions. They will of course be more mild at first but will grow more powerful if you perform the meditation from the card provided. If it doesn't work for you, return it within 30 days for a refund.*
You know you resonate with these energies... you know its for you. So why not give it a try?
It’s risk free.
This comes in a beautiful gift box with a card explaining its energies, so it’s a perfect gift for a sister, daughter or significant other.

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