Lavender Fields Sacred Healing Space Pendant

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Create A Sacred Healing Space All Around You With This Lavender Fields Energy Pendant.

Learn how it works below.

The energy from Lavender Fields turns any space into an enlightened place of healing and spiritual growth. We guarantee the pendant will completely change the energies around you, or your money back.

Hand made with loving care. Chakra balanced, energy enhanced and personally blessed by the artist. Made in our studio with fired resinated glass on stainless. Sterling silver bale. Price is for the pendant only. Chains sold separately.


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About Lavender Fields Healing Energies 

Lavender is one of our most powerful flowers promoting spiritual healing, tranquility, higher consciousness and love.

I channeled and created this energy pendant to capture the calming feelings of enlightenment and the release of blocked energies I experienced when I walked through this beautiful field in Provence. This is the same highly magical place that inspired such greats as Van Gogh, Cezanne, Gauguin and many others.

When you wear the energy pendant you immediately create a positive healing space filled with higher consciousness, immense joy and peace.

Try staring into the image right now and see how incredible it makes you feel. This is the feeling you could have with you all of the time. … and having it there in person is so much more powerful than looking at it on your computer.

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Be one of the lucky 10 people fortunate enough to own one of these. Once we sell these 10 we may never offer this again. 

We Guarantee It Will Create A Beautiful Healing Space Around You 

We guarantee you will feel the energies from this piece creating a healing space all around you and anyone who comes near. If it doesn't work for you, return it within 30 days for a refund.

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Only 10 Available - Act Now 

We only have 10 of these available as a test market and do not plan to produce more unless we get quite a few additional requests. Recently people have missed out on short term items such as these because they did not get them when available. Don't wait!

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Why Are You Waiting? 

You've already experienced some of these great healing energies, and you get to try it risk free, and if you wait you may not ever get this chance again, so click ADD TO CART and get yours today.


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