Stonehenge – Sacred Healing Portal

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Experience the amazing energy of Stonehenge, one of the world’s most powerful sacred healing portals, through this metaphysical painting by world renowned “Energy Artist Julia.”

This energy enhanced image captures and emits Stonehenge’s essence through the floating and swirling orbs many experience when they stand on this hallowed ground. It helps you experience the power of Stonehenge through the eyes of the clairvoyants, healers and even interdimensional travelers who have visited the site for many millenia.

Available High Quality Prints

We are offering top quality giclee prints of Stonehenge – Sacred Healing Portal a powerful metaphysical painting by world renowned Energy Artist Julia.  These are not posters but instead are the same archival quality prints collected by museums. They are printed using special inks and paper so they will remain colorful and vibrant for over 100 years. Each is hand-signed by Energy Artist Julia.

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About Stonehenge

Built in what is now Wiltshire, England during prehistoric times, between 3,100 BC and 1,600 BC, Stonehenge sits at the convergence of 14 key lines (energy channels) and is astrologically aligned with 12 major lunar and solar events. It is located at the center of one of the earth’s most powerful energy vortexes.

In addition, its inner megaliths ( large shaped stones), weighing 4 tons each were quarried and transported over 240 miles at a time when the wheel was not even invented, requiring an estimated 500 men to transport each. These stones, called dolerite are blue in color and are believed to possess exceptional healing properties. When aligned within a vortex, this effect is magnified exponentially.

Some modern day druids believe that Stonehenge heals on many different levels … physical, spiritual and emotional. Remains around the site indicate that at a time when there was no written word, religious pilgrims and healers visited the site from as far away as Germany and Switzerland.

Many also believe that Stonehenge is an interdimensional gateway. There is much local lore about people who stepped through this portal and found themselves in the world of fairy.

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