Lion Heart Energy Painting - Giclee Print

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Julia’s amazing energy creation helps you positively deal with difficult or uncomfortable situations and get your life back on track.

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Gaining The Strength To Deal With Difficult Situations 

Lion Heart helps you discover your personal power, the unconquerable strength of spirit and will that exists deep within your soul. When dealing with difficult situations, it gives you courage straight from the heart of the lion, a very powerful spirit animal.

Whatever you face, all the trials and tribulations of your life, are so much easier to overcome when you embrace the spirit of the lion. The lion teaches you that the obstacles you face should be viewed as opportunities to grow and to help others grow as well.

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It Is Time To Address That Thing You Have Been Putting Off  

Lion spirit gets us to face things and provides strength of character in doing it, ensuring a more favorable outcome.

This can be something external you've been putting off, or something internal, like a personal weakness that needs to be addressed. It can be telling someone how you feel or even standing up for a cause.

Lion Heart is all about revealing your internal power -- so you can more easily deal with the important things you know you should address, but might be uncomfortable.

You Will Never Lose When You Hold True To Yourself  

Ultimately, when you have the heart of a lion, even when you lose, you don't really lose. By holding true to your beliefs and ideals, you gain strength of spirit and inspire those around you to do the same.

This is what being a hero means. When you look back over your life, the people you most respect now are those who didn't follow the crowd or give up, but instead followed through with their good intent. They had strength of will and the heart of the lion. You can too! 

You Can't Risk Just Letting Things Go 

Not dealing with the important things can have very negative long term effects on your life and spiritual development.

The chakra balanced, energy enhanced Lion Heart image can help you today!


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All images and writing Copyright Julia Watkins and Energism Art Corp. All rights reserved.


This is a top quality, museum grade giclee print which will remain vibrant for over 100 years.


Larger prints (anything over our smallest size) are special order and are not returnable.


Product Reviews

  • 5
    Lion Print

    Posted by Deborah Eggers on Sep 15th 2023

    It literally has an energy that I feel around it. I totally love it.

  • 5
    Powerful and Beautiful

    Posted by Kate on Sep 6th 2019

    I absolutely love the lion artwork. The eyes are mesmerising and I have felt the energy. It speaks to you and encourages you to have lion qualities, to be brave, courageous and fearless and take on challenges. It's an empowering painting which I now cherish and feel my own lionheart has grown since I set eyes on it. So I recommend this artwork for those who want to grow their own lionheart xxx

  • 5

    Posted by Helen on Apr 20th 2018

    An absolutely beautiful painting, really spoke to me, the lion’s eyes look right into your soul.

  • 5
    It Helped With Sleep While Recovering From Back Surgury

    Posted by Laurie Finzer on Apr 8th 2018

    I bought the Lion Heart print (and the Indigo Elephant) for my guest bedroom that has a Safari theme. I wanted to add spiritual energy to the room. As I am healing from major back surgery I’ve found it difficult to get comfortable enough to sleep. So, I decided to sleep in the guest room. OMG! I slept (and HAVE BEEN) sleeping so hard & through the night(s)..AND, my guiding Angels have sent amazing, colorful, & vivid dreams with an abundance of messages. Thank you,Julia, for making your art available to us