Mermaid Power Dream Charm - Experience power dreams every night

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Energy Artist Julia's new metaphysical energy charm, Mermaid Dream offers a doorway - a portal back to the wildest most beautiful dreams you've had, and wish you could have again.

Chakra balanced, energy enhanced and blessed by the artist. Size 3/4 x 3/4 - Fired resinated glass on silver clad backing. Price is for the charm only. Bracelets sold separately. * Due to the popularity of this item, please allow three weeks for it to ship.




We've all had them - wild, vivid dreams of beautiful worlds and places. These power dreams are both life changing and hard to explain to others. They leave you filled with wonder, but wanting even more ... and it can be a long wait. What if you could have those dreams again and again, when you want them, or better, have new dreams which are even more fantastic? Mermaid energy can guide you there. Find out how below.

How To Connect To Beautiful Dream Worlds

Julia's newest chakra balanced metaphysical jewelry, Mermaid Dream connects you to the energy of the dreaming mermaid ... and the extraordinary worlds she can show you -- just like she has shown sailors since we first took to the water.

Many believe mermaids are interdimensional beings, and that connecting to their energy through dreams, talismans, meditation or even physical contact gives them access to awe inspiring worlds almost beyond comprehension.

Just one of these dreams can completely change your life. The Mermaid Dream pendant makes it easy to achieve this connection.

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Don't Wait Years To Have Fantastic Dreams 

You could wait a long time for your next vivid dream. Maybe it will never come. Then again you can get a Mermaid Dream jewelry piece or print, focus on its energy enhanced image, and within a short time, have the beautiful dreams, full of meaning you want. Just remember to write them down so you don't' forget anything!

Powerful Energy Enhanced Dream Jewelry

Mermaid Dream was channeled and created by world renowned Energy Artist Julia. Each piece is chakra balanced, energy enhanced and blessed by the artist. With over 180,000 worldwide facebook, and collectors like Deepak Chopra, Julia is at the forefront of creating energy jewelry that gets results.

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We Guarantee You Will Have Power Dreams 

We guarantee that by meditating on our Mermaid Dream jewelry or print, you will have better, more vivid and beautiful dreams.

We just ask that you give it a little time and write down your dreams when you awake.

You will be surprised how much better your dream life becomes. If you already posses psychic abilities, you will probably begin to have dream insights while you are awake!

With a guarantee like that, and the potential to have that beautiful dream that changes your life, isn't worth a shot?

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Limited Quantities 

To start we've only made a small number of these beautiful dream pendants. So if you want one, it is better not to wait until they are gone.

Tap Into This Vivid Dream World Today Or Risk Losing It Forever

Don't let your most powerful, beautiful dreams wait, or even slip away never to be found. Embrace the energy of the Mermaid Dream today.

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