The Roman Dream Ring - Rubies and gold surround you in transformative energies so you can dream a better world into existence.

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When I wear this, I have amazing dreams of a beautiful and better world I can create for myself and others — just like it has been done in the past. I think this magical ring has visited our world before - to inspire us to do more.


The Roman Dream Ring - Rubies and gold surround you in transformative energies so you can dream a better world into existence.

An archetypal design that elicits a connection to the akashic records. Guaranteed authentic rubies.  2 micron gold plate that will not rub off. This ring was photographed in direct sunlight.  It won't be as bright indoors.

Guaranteed you'll dream of bigger things or you can return it within 30 days for a refund.* 

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Dear Friends,

This ring has been to our world before.

In my mind’s eye, when I put it ring on, I saw that it had been worn long ago by a royal woman in a beautiful Roman villa filled with light, art, music, and luxury.

I don’t know where this vision came from,  — maybe a dream or a memory of a past life,  or possibly a linked memory from a person with whom I share a higher self.

But people who wear it all seem to get the same impression or experience the same dreams. 

It gives off a strong vision of an enlightened and transformed age, a time when myths, legends, beliefs, and magic shaped our modern culture.  It speaks of fashion and power, abundance and forward-thinking.  

You feel these things within you when you wear it, as if you and they are a part of the great cosmic consciousness and tapped into whatever energies allowed this great society to spread across the globe.

It makes you take a look at your life, and your world, and see what it truly could be.  It emits a highly transformative energy.

Did It Really Exist?

I fully expect that someday, in some ruins this will be dug up in an old ruins and end up in a museum.  People will speculate over who might have worn such a beautifully classical piece.

Why Should You Wear It?  The Dreams.

We are at the crux of major changes in our world. And at times like these, certain energies or consciousness from the great unknown appear in our society, transforming us in a positive way.

This ring emits those energies. And when you wear it, dreams of past and present collide.  You begin to have dreams, waking or when asleep that show you something more, what things could be, and how you can make them happen.

It guides you to new beginnings in a big way.  And you will prosper within them.

An Archetypal Beauty

This ring is simple, but elegant in so many ways.  You look at it often, and when you hold it close, you see just how beautiful it is.  

It is archetypal in many ways, meaning it elicits things from deep within you like a genetic or psychic code has been awakened.  We are all instinctually attracted to this because it speaks to us of ideas and feelings we all share in common.

Hurry If You Resonate With This

I you resonate with this, it is awakening the parts of you that may have lived in this ancient society, and guiding you to embrace an enlightened age and life again.  

If you feel this, I suggest you get it, wear it and experience these things again.  It is energy enhanced to bring out all those energies within. But I don’t have a lot of these and will only make more if spirit so guides me.

I look forward to hearing about how this makes you feel.


Energy Artist Julia

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    great bracelet

    Posted by Shirley L. on Oct 4th 2023

    Ever since i start wearing this bracelet, everything is going well. The dating with me and my new boyfriend is joyful. All products by Julia are far, i have bought 3 necklaces, 7-8 bracelets, and 4 rings from her. She is such a wonderful person and talented lady!!