Multi-Color Quartz "Does Everything" Energy Necklace. 7 different variations of quartz bring huge benefits. Gold Fill Chain.

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The only energy necklace that does this many things for you. 

7 different kinds of quartz improve your passion, creativity, vitality, healing, love, joy, empathy, balance, prosperity, wealth, focus and much more (see below)

Adjustable Size 19 -21 inches.  Beautiful stones on a gold fill chain that won't rub off.

Only 20 made so hurry.

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*Sold with a 30 day money back guarantee and a 120 day exchange guarantee. 


Dear Friends,

People are always writing me that they want one jewelry piece to do many different things, often providing a long laundry list of what they want.

In the past, with a few exceptions, I haven’t had something that “does everything.”  This necklace is one of those exceptions.

And not only does it do just about everything, but it is also really, really beautiful.  You just can’t stop staring at it, and people always ask “what is that, it is gorgeous?”

It includes beautiful quartz in these colors. Here’s the energies they emit.

Orange  - emits energies for passion, creativity, playfulness

Blue - emits energies for vitality, well-being, elemental energies of lightning

Lavender - emits energies for love, healing and joy

Green - emits energies for love, empathy, compassion

Raspberry - emits energies to balance all of your chakras

Aqua - emits energies for prosperity, wealth, success

Peach - emits energies for focus and creative flow

I know of no other spiritual jewelry piece that does this much for you.

Energy Blessed

I am channeling the same energies into your necklace here that I do for mass blessings where people have even reported spontaneous healings.

You will notice the difference when you put it on. There is just a different, more powerful feeling when you wear one of these.  They hum with energy.

Instructions Included With Your Jewelry Gift Box

This necklace comes in a nice gift box with meditation instructions for activating it so it works the correct way.  It makes all the difference for you.

Great Price

I charge about 1/3 what you would pay for this in a jewelry store.  My mission is to bring the benefits of high-quality energy stones to everyone.

Limited Quantities

I only have 20 of these made for now.  If you want one, please don’t wait.  I’m not sure I will have more in the future.

Experience The Beautiful World

When you put this on, and walk through your day, your step is lighter, the sky is brighter, the flowers are more colorful.  It is like you walk in a beautiful world full of possibilities.

I pray that you can experience this, and that you life will be filled with unimaginable joy and light when you do.


Energy Artist Julia


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All stones guaranteed authentic. Energy channeled designs by world renowned Energy Artist Julia.  We are a spiritual, US based company with a A+ Better Business Bureau Rating. We pay a "living wage."  To make our energy jewelry affordable to all, we charge far less than others while using better quality, higher energy, hand-picked stones.


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