Peace & Harmony Metaphysical Charm Bracelet

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This charm bracelet combines Energy Artist Julia's most powerful chakra balanced charms for bringing your spirit into harmony and balance.

Not only does it bring you deep sense of comfort, but it acts as a peace and harmony beacon, affecting all those around you -- changing their energy to that of peaceful coexistence. Things just don't seem to be such a big deal when people are exposed to this energy.

The bracelet is beautiful double wrap sterling silver. The charms are 3/4 x 3/4 inch, fired resinated glass on silver clad backing. 

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 Metaphysical Energy Charms Included 

By combining charms, the energy of each is charged far beyond what they could do individually. Creating combinations such as this, for a specific purpose allows the piece to work energetically and spiritually in dynamic, far reaching ways.

Charms included are as follows.

Medicine Bear Charm 

Promotes astrological harmony and healing. Improves cosmic connections so all the other charms can have maximum affect. Brings good luck.

Peace Tree Charm

Connects with you with deep inner peace and thoughts so strong they neutralizes the energy of toxic people.

Ghosts Of The Anasazi Charm 

Projects the magical mother earth energy of harmony and balance discovered by the ancient Native American Anasazi. Adds a mystical energy to the other charms that is easy to see but hard to describe.

The Bodhi Tree Charm 

Emits the energy of divine love, embraced by Buddha, around which, in legend people were unable to even think negative thoughts or commit crimes.

Forest Dancer Charm 

Greatly improves the cosmic connection of all the other charms as it embraces the individual reaching for the light of spirit. Attunes your soul to receive divine energy.

Dragon Fairy Charm

Charges the energy of all the other charms with magical elemental energy derived from mother earth. Connects to the mysterious inner workings of nature that bring people and their actions into harmonious balance.

* Please note. This bracelet was designed to work in a specific fashion and we cannot allow substitutions, although we can permit additions.

Suggested Additions To Enhance This Charm Bracelet 

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Star Angel Personal Comfort Charm

Brings a message of comfort and hope, that we are exactly where we are supposed to be, here and now. Helps eliminate needless worries of you and those around you.

Golden Wave Transformation Charm 

Works within the lulling energy of peace and harmony to promote personal spiritual transformation. Kind of a teach them while they are calm addition.

Buddhist Monks Energy Clearing Charm

Emits energy clearing energy, neutralizing bad energy that enters its area and also moves out ahead of you to clear bad energy from areas you are about to enter. 


This is a very important charm bracelet for Energy Artist Julia. She feels that on your hand, with the right focus, it can spread positive change energy worldwide. Therefore, to ensure success, she will chakra balance, energy enhance and personally bless your Peace & Harmony charm bracelet before it is sent. 

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 All images and writing Copyright Julia Watkins and Energism Art Corp. All rights reserved.


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    Sparkley Marvely

    Posted by Loretta on Sep 11th 2018

    Love this bracelet. The charms are beautiful and the sparkle in them is subtle but lovely. A magical bracelet. Thank you.