The “Come Together” Peace And Harmony Bracelet - Group uniting lambi shell, mother of pearl and phosphosiderite.

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Everyone Around Me Seemed To Be So Angry Until I Put This Energy Bracelet On …. Then They Were All Calm.
The “Come Together” Peace And Harmony Bracelet - Group uniting lambi shell, mother of pearl and phosphosiderite.
Calms and soothes you and all those around you, allowing peaceful cooperation, communication and harmony.

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Dear Friends,
When I first saw the centerpiece I used in this bracelet I thought “oh what a beautiful shell bead.” And I wondered why spirit placed it in my path to find for you.
Then I learned it is the famous lambi shell, a type of conch that has been used, often ritually for centuries to call people and spiritual forces together, to unify them and spread the peace between them.
Then I thought “how timely this is” because we are living in a highly divided culture right now and we need help. Even long-term friends find themselves at odds over various issues. 
Obviously, spirit guided my hand to make this because what we need, more than anything is to come back together, to find common ground, to find the love and goodness in each other’s hearts.
I was also guided to add mother of pearl, another shell that is said to bring soothing peace, love and a strong mothering energy. 
Finally, I also added phosphosiderite stones, which likewise bring peace, tranquility and confidence by a connection through the higher chakras to the world of divine beings.
What It Does For You
When you put it on and follow the included instructions, the energies of this bracelet calm and soothe you, then pull those around you together, perpetuating peaceful and supportive thoughts, words, and deeds. 
It is perfect for any sort of get-together, family outing, going out in public or for going to work. It is especially effective when you need to work in groups because it inspires harmony and cooperation.
It also helps heal you from the damages of any hate and negativity around you by drawing you into the fold of peace and security. 
Energy Blessed To Help You
I threw my heart into filling your bracelet with positive calming and harmonious energies straight from spirit. I use the same method as the mass blessings I do where people have even reported spontaneous healings.
Limited Quantities - Order Before They Are Gone
It took me months to assemble enough shell beads to make your bracelet. There is only one source I could find for them in this shape, and now he is running out as well. 
So if you want these feelings of peace, harmony and togetherness to surround you, I suggest you get the bracelet before it is gone.
It has Worked For Centuries
The lambi shell gets its name from a Hatian Creole word, of Taino Indian origin, for the conch shell, whose magical powers have drawn people and communities together for centuries. 
It is making its appearance again, at a time when we really need it,to help you find your village, your home and your people once again.
Energy Artist Julia
Don't Wait
You know this can bring you greater peace and harmony, and
They have activated by Julia to really release their powers, and
You have a risk free way to try it, so
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Product Reviews

  • 5
    great bracelet

    Posted by Shirley L. on Mar 24th 2023

    I have worn this bracelet every day since i rec' it. It gave me calmness, strength and courage. I just bought another of julia's bracelet, the auralite bracelet...all of her stuff are excellent and does working on me.

  • 5
    great bracelet

    Posted by Shirley L. on Mar 7th 2023

    Ever since i rec' this bracelet, i worn it every day. It is very well made and the shell somehow gave me a feeling of soothing and calmness. Hope to bring some good luck to me.