Quartz Horn "Girl Power" Energy Earrings

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Ancient “Cornicello”  Horn Design Increases Feminine Confidence And Vitality While Also Protecting You From Negative Energies.
This design is said to be blessed by the goddess Selene providing strength, virility and confidence.
Guaranteed quality clear quartz with silver plated tops and sterling silver wires.  
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Dear Friends,
When my assistant pulled these out of the box, her first comment was one of awe. “These feel SO powerful” she said!
I’d heard about the Italian cornicello, horn design. Said to be blessed by the moon goddess Selene, for thousands of years this provided wearers with strength, virility and protection. 
The one I had made was a little different in that it is specifically for women, has a single stylish curve and the material is clear quartz crystal which is known to greatly magnify the intention of the piece and also provide a healing vibration.
I tried them on and yes, when I pulled my hair aside to look at them in the mirror I realized that I did feel more confident and positive. I had a bounce in my step. I felt beautiful and energized. 
I said with delight “look at these” to my husband and not surprisingly, he immediately asked me to dinner. He now calls them the “love spell’ earrings because he thinks they put a spell on him as we talked and looked into each other’s eyes over a glass of wine. He even went online and ordered me two tops to wear with them!
So yes, I am a firm believer in these beautiful earrings. I decided to name them the “girl power” earrings because that is exactly what they do … empower us.
And now they can be yours!

My Guarantee To You

I guarantee that if you get these and wear them out, you will feel more powerful, confident and energized.  If not, return them within 30 days for a refund.

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All designs, art and copy copyright Julia Watkins. All Rights Reserved.

Product Reviews

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    Posted by Lani O'Hara on Jun 12th 2021

    I love it. Not too heavy. Great energy.

  • 5
    Flirty, Subtly Flashy Crystal Earrings

    Posted by Kellee on Feb 22nd 2020

    I love that these earrings pair so beautifully with a wide variety of silver necklaces. These are substantial quartz crystal horns that dangle and dance gently with the slightest movements of my head. I have long hair, but regardless of my daily style (softly pulled back or draping across my shoulders), these earrings always make a fun statement, be it a casual jeans day - or something more dressy.