Sacred Ankh Life-Force Energy Talisman from the Magic Chi Collection

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Live Well. Live Forever -The Ankh’s Promise Of Health & Eternal Life

This sacred symbol bestowed upon us by the Gods fills your soul with energy, health, healing and eternal life. Learn the story of this ancient Egyptian talisman below.

When you wear this pendant you immediately tap into revitalizing life-force energies that work in this life and the next. This is the feeling you could have all of the time when you wear the pendant … and having it there in person is so much more powerful than looking at it on your computer.

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Made With. Hand made in our new age studios in Gypsum Colorado. Chakra balanced, energy enhanced and personally blessed by the artist. This is a very high quality piece made with fired resinated glass and ground prisms on cast, polished jewelry grade stainless. This is part of Julia's "Magic Chi" collection based on design elements of sacred temples she visited in Asia.
This design greatly enhances the energies of the pendant.

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Dear Friends,
Are you experiencing low energies? Do you feel more tired, troubled, lethargic or worn out? Like many of us, you may be experiencing low energy vibrations this time of year.
But there is a way to lift yourself back up using an ancient gift , the Ankh.*
Legend has it that the Gods of ancient Egypt bestowed upon us life giving energies and eternal life through the Ankh. It not only brought you powers in this life, but it was believed the gods touched it to your lips to revive you in the afterlife. The word Ankh even means “breath of life.”
An Ankh For The New Age.  
While I had seen Ankh amulets in the past, when I asked spirit to give me an image to paint, this one appeared which was much different. On each side were hieroglyphics that moved up and down as the Ankh beamed out intense life force to fill the soul of the viewer. In the center of the circle was a vortex leading to another dimension which is the other-worldly source of this revitalizing power.
I channeled these rejuvenating energies which now are part of your jewelry and prints.
How To Receive These Powers
I received the Ankh’s rejuvenating powers two ways. One way was where the energies emanated out from the image and refreshed me as if I had just awoken to a bright and beautiful new world.  
The other was that by focusing on the center vortex I could in my mind’s eye see myself stepping through and to the other world, where I was given insights and impressions. Some were beyond description but gained meaning with time. Others involved manifestations of the symbols that seemed to combine with stories of my life to give new meaning.
To receive these visions, dreams and powers, all you have to do is relax, focus on the image see it refreshing your soul, then envision yourself stepping through the vortex. Many say the vortex calls to them. So let go and send your heart to it.
It will give you a huge lift. And whatever it does by looking at it online is 10x stronger if you get it on the jewelry or prints I have created. Before I send it to you I even clear and energy bless each piece.


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