The Atlantis Stone "Deep Contentment" Ring - Guaranteed authentic, soothing larimar in 925 silver.

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Like A Cool Breeze On Caribbean Waters, This Beautiful Larimar Stone Calms And Soothes You Like No Other.

Announcing: The Atlantis Stone "Deep Contentment" Larimar ring In 925 Silver. Instills a sense of deep, worry-free peace and harmony.

Some believe that this was a stone worn in ancient Atlantis and due to its sea and sky energies helped empower that advanced, spiritual civilization.

Note: This is legacy larimar we got before the surface mines ran out.  It is considered superior to the underground mine larimar that has a lot of black in it. Because it is very scarce, the cost of legacy larimar has gone up over 1,000 percent in the past few years, but I'm passing my savings on to you. I'm charging way less for these rings than the going price of real larimar.

This may be your last chance to own real, guaranteed authentic, beautiful larimar. The internet is now full of fake larimar sellers, offering lower cost hemimorphite and saying it is real larimar. We are the only seller in the US I know who guarantees that our larimar is authentic.

Sold with a 30 day money back guarantee and a 120 day exchange guarantee.
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*Note: All stones are photographed in direct sunlight to bring out their colors.  As natural stones, larimar can vary in color by 30%. These rings are adjustable to half sizes so you can get the perfect fit. Very comfortable to wear.


Dear Friends, 

One of the best stones for calming and releasing stress and worry, and giving you an enlightened  sense of divine purpose,   is larimar from the Dominican Republic a Caribbean island. 

Its soothing blue and white colors represent the sunlight dancing on crystalline waters. It is said to fill you with the ancient wisdom of Atlantis and the healing power of dolphins, harmonizing body, mind and soul.

It is also a very powerful stone for clearing your heart, throat, third eye and crown chakras. It is one of the best stones for bringing balance and contentment to your life.

A Very Rare Four Chakra Stone - How larimar affects these chakras.

Most stones work on one, or sometimes two chakras.  Authentic larimar, clears, balances and powers all four of your upper chakras. Here's what it does.

Heart Chakra - Larimar increases your energies of love, empathy, and joy.  You feel filled with love when you wear it.  It feels different than lower chakra, lustful love though.  It is more of an airy, expansive love, like the joy you would feel flying through clouds and blue sky. It is more angelic.

Throat Chakra - While the throat chakra governs communication, for me, larimar didn't affect every-day rudimentary communication.  But what it did do was enhance what I called my poetic communication - giving me the ability to express big dreams, big thoughts of wonder, and amazing spiritual subjects.  This also affected my artistic expression and you may have noticed in some of my creations a lighter, more airy feel. 

Third Eye Chakra - This chakra governs both intuition your sixth sense and higher knowledege.  When I touch larimar, what I've found is that it does affect the third eye, but in a more expansive sense.  It feels like I am looking at the horizon line of where water meets sky, and somehow I'm able to project out to that place and pull back hidden, unknown and secret knowledge about things. 

While something like blue lapis connects inner subconscious and the present things in front of you, larimar seems to project you out to other realms.

Crown Chakra - This chakra is focused on higher consciousness and your connection to the divine. This is where I feel larimar really shines.  When I touch larimar, and feel it with my soul I sense a connection to white light beings, angels, higher dimensions and of course enlightenment. 

The Atlantean Dream

It is no wonder that this stone inspired the Atlantean dream, an advanced spiritual society of legend that many believe existed on our world.  And due to the laws of mathematics, and infinite possibilities where anything conceived existed somewhere in this universe or another, Atlantis did exist, and still exists.

What About The Colors Of Chakras?

While colors of chakras often correspond to colors of stones, like most green stones affect the the heart chakra, this isn't an absolute rule.  For example clear diamonds affect the heart chakra. So larimar can affect different colored chakras.

Don’t Wait Or You Will Risk Losing Out 

This is one of those things where if you wait, you may never again get the chance to have it and experience its vast benefits. I suggest you get it now, before this stone is eventually out of reach for most people.  

With how it feels to wear it, you will be glad you did.


Energy Artist Julia


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