The Clear Focus Necklace - Mind Focusing Watermelon Tourmaline And Silver

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Wearing these stones is said to calm the mind, focus your thoughts and boost your meditative insights, helping you make the right decisions and choose the right path, always.*
Guaranteed authentic, natural watermelon tourmaline. Tourmaline was once used by Andean shamans to calm, soothe and focus the mind which opened up access to ancient knowledge.*
Hand made in a sacred space in -- our Gypsum Colorado new age studio. 925 silver chain adjustable size 16" to 20" inches. 

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Note:  These are photographed in direct sunlight to show their color. The dark stones will be a little darker indoors. As natural stones, colors can vary but up to 20%.

(An original Energy Artist Julia Design)


Dear Friends,
I’ve recently had a lot of people tell me they are feeling confused, unfocused, detached and even disoriented.  
This is quite understandable considering the disruption and isolation going on in our world. It is a natural reaction. But still, feeling muddled makes living and functioning much more difficult. Things can go very wrong when you can’t make clear decisions, especially in dangerous times.
So when spirit guided me to make a necklace with watermelon tourmaline, I wasn’t surprised to learn that this stone is believed to calm and focus the mind, which is exactly what many of you say you need right now.
It is said to do this by calming negative emotions, especially anger, fear and stress. It also can inspire confidence, joy, happiness and internal chi. It is known to calm runaway thoughts and distractions so you can truly focus on what is at hand, keeping things in perspective where you can act upon them calmly and directly.
Many say it also helps calm fears that can break your focus through an energetic connection to knowledge like the akashic records that are believed to contain all thoughts, words and events. One legend from the Andes is that magicians crafted staffs of tourmaline that gave them ancient knowledge of the world.
Guaranteed Authentic Mind Focusing Stones - How It Is Made
Considering there is just a ton of fake watermelon tourmaline sold online which is really glass or dyed stone, I tested mine to make sure it is real. I then hand sorted and selected the best stones for my necklaces based on beauty and energies which focus.
Then I placed them on this gorgeous authentic 925 silver chain. There is incidentally a lot of fake silver chain being sold online too. Mine is guaranteed to be real.
Energy Enhanced - How I Did It
I energize and bless my jewelry the same way I do blessings and readings I enter a high vibration space and ask spirit to fill the piece with positive energies. But this won’t last forever so I also ask spirit to create a direct link to the piece so it is constantly energized and cleared. They remain beautiful and powerful forever.
Limited Quantities - Hurry Before They Are Gone
I only made 16 of these. That’s all I plan to make for now as it took quite a bit of time to sort and grade all the stones. It definitely was a labor of love to assemble these into something that would put out a strong field of focused energy for you.
If you resonate with this, I suggest you get it before we sell out. 
This comes in a beautiful gift box with a card explaining its energies, so it’s a perfect gift for a sister, daughter or significant other.
Last Chance - Please Don’t Wait


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Product Reviews

  • 5
    Delicate and sparkly

    Posted by T Diaz on Sep 9th 2021

    I just received the email request to review this purchase, and just happen to be wearing the necklace today. This is one of the more delicate pieces from Julia, and I love it. I can wear casual to dressy with this piece. It's really pretty, and I love that it's adjustable as well. Happily, I've been experiencing greater focus and clarity in my life recently, and it was a very nice surprise that this necklace was being offered. It seemed a really lovely way to enhance that increased focus. I have many pieces from EnergyArtist Julia, and this is definitely one of my favorites.

  • 5
    Watermelon tourmaline necklace

    Posted by Heather on Feb 14th 2021

    This necklace has really helped me see my career much easier and have confidence in my choices. It gave me hope that I was on a divine path.