The Tranquil Mind Energy Necklace - Turquoise Ocean Impression Jasper Locates And Releases Hidden Stresses

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Wear this gorgeous,  stress reducing stone for just one day and watch yourself relax and find tranquility you haven't experienced in years ... guaranteed!*
This beautiful necklace not only makes a big new age fashion statement, it makes you feel so much calmer when you wear it.
It helps you see things from a new perspective, uncovering hidden stresses you didn't even know were hurting you,  so you can eliminate their negative effects.
Includes mind calming ocean turquoise impression jasper,  copper and antiqued brass.  Stone sizes on the necklace range from 1/2 inch to 2 1/2 inches.  Necklace length adjustable from 18" to 20" inches. 
These are the very difficult to find wider impression jasper stones.  You just will not find this quality turquoise impression jasper on the internet.  
Be one of the special ones who get to experience these energies.
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All items sold with a 30 day money back guarantee and a 120 day exchange guarantee! 

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Stone colors will vary by 30%. If you want a smaller necklace, just add a note to your order and we can remove a stone from each side.  These are made to order. Please allow one week for them to ship.


Dear Friends, 
Sometimes you know exactly why you’re stressed and can quickly deal with it. But there is also a sneaky kind of stress, made up of many small irritating things, that creep up on you over the years and wear you down slowly. That’s the most dangerous kind of stress.
The only time you even discover that hidden stress is hurting you is when you get a momentary break from it. Maybe you go on vacation and like an epiphany you suddenly realize how much these things are bothering you.
But you can’t always get away. So what you can do is wear aqua blue impression jasper like that found in this necklace.
This stone is known to bring inner peace, balance yin and yang, absorb negativity directed your way, and even assist in shamanic travel — so you can identify things that are bothering you and deal with them from a new perspective.  It disrupts ongoing stress while you wear so you can take a better look at what is truly irritating you and find ways around it.
All you have to do is put this stunning necklace on, and suddenly you feel yourself move beyond things that have been nagging at you for years. You can see them clearly with a detached view and deal with these little stresses in a healthy way.
I’m willing to guarantee that when you wear this around for just one day, you will find new inner tranquility, peace and a better outlook on how to live your life. If it doesn’t work for you, return it within 30 days for a refund.
Energy Infused
I energy clear, channel and infuse each necklace. Stones can pick up negative energies so I make sure that they are not only positive, but that they emit with power and clarity. Many people notice this when they first touch their necklace.
Limited Quantities
I went through piles and piles of these stones to find ones with beautiful coloration, interesting stone matrix patterns and great energy. I have to say it wasn’t easy. There were just a lot of stones that didn’t have what it takes to make a really good, energy infused necklace. 
I even tried ordering some from the internet but sent them all back because they were much thinner and less colorful than the stones I had from hand selecting them.
As a result, I don’t have a lot of these necklace. And I expect them to sell out pretty quickly. So if you love the look, and want something that will reduce nagging stress, please get it while you still can.
Energy Artist Julia
You won't find a better stone to relieve all the little nagging worries which are getting you down.
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What's The Hold Up?
You know you can greatly benefit from the calming and healing influence of this necklace, and
You get to wear something beautiful, and
You get to try it at no risk to you for 30 days.
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    Posted by Melissa Horn on May 3rd 2021

    Such a beautiful necklace! Thank you for designing this gorgeous necklace! I truly love everything about it! I have been wearing it ever since I opened the package, feels so good on and the energy is a peaceful tranquility that I experience. Your stone selection for this necklace style is perfect! Jasper is one of my favorites!