The Emerald “Song Of Joy In My Heart” Bracelet - Over 70 carats of authentic emerald.

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Lift your spirit to levels of happiness you didn’t think were possible. Experience stones so powerful you will feel your heart sing with a newfound love of life.

Introducing: The Emerald “Song Of Joy In My Heart” Bracelet

Over 70 or carats of authentic, life-changing emerald with a golden musical centerpiece. An incredible once-in-a-lifetime deal. Limited release.  Less than 10 available in most sizes.

Sold with a 30 day money back guarantee and a 120 day exchange guarantee. 


A bracelet with this much, very reasonably priced emerald only comes around once in a lifetime. You'll love it.  It will become your signature piece. And you'll pass it on to those you love.

Learn below what emerald does for you.

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Note: These are priced by carat weight, as are most emeralds.


A letter from Julia About Your Bracelet

Dear Friends,

I’d heard that emeralds are the most powerful heart chakra healing stones.  And I thought I’d experienced this through the emeralds I’d touched in the past.

But that was nothing compared to what I felt when I touched the  large amount of emeralds in this bracelet - an amazing 70 carats of naturally occurring stone.

My Heart Sang. And Yours Will Too.

At first touch I felt a surge of music within my heart, like it sang a song of happiness , harmony, peace and especially love - a feeling of joy in just being alive.

It was like the trees were greener, the grass flowed in the wind, the water glistened in a thousand tiny reflective crystals I hadn’t noticed all the other times I drove by.

This is the miracle of wearing a lot of emerald - a whole new perspective on life.  I fell in love with the beauty of our world all over again.

Then I Added Even More Joyful Notes

I was guided by spirit to look into my findings box. There I discovered this gold plated centerpiece which looks so much like something that would appear on a sheet of music.

“That’s It!” I said with excitement.  I couldn’t wait to add it to the bracelet.  And the music in my heart went from what now seems low to a full out chorus.

When the divine hand touches a design like this, you just know it, you feel it deep inside and realize you are gazing upon something so magical it could only be other-worldly. 

This Is How You Were Meant To Live - It Changes Everything

I remember feeling this way when I fell in love.  Every old song on the radio seemed to be my favorite.  All the world was at me feet and every possibility was obtainable, if I wanted it.

I believe this is the state you were destined to live in. If  you can just free our heart of all its burdens, it can sing and dance, and float in a pool of positive energies that lift you to  your highest level. 

That’s what the right emerald combination can do for you.

Energy Blessed For You - Guaranteed Results

I went to spirit and asked that this bracelet be energized to help your heart sing in joy, giving you feelings like you had in the best moments of your life.

And I asked that this bracelet work especially well when you are feeling stressed or down, so you can put it on, wear it out and immediately feel better.

I’ve included instructions for activating it.  I guarantee that when you put it on and follow the instructions, you will feel much better immediately, and that will get better over time as its powers adapt to you and learn how to help you.*

Limited Quantities - AMAZING Deal! 

I got these at a show where the dealer needed cash, and negotiated a deal I will probably never see again.  This is the first time I’ve been able to offer emeralds like this, and may be the last time I can … at least at this price.

You just don’t see guaranteed authentic, non-synthetic emerald bracelets at this price anywhere. 

I would say it is a once in a lifetime chance to own these amazing, beautiful and energy enhanced stones.

So if you resonate with this, I suggest you get it while you can.  These sort of things just don’t come around often, if ever.

I pray you will find all the joy and happiness owning one as I have.


Energy Artist Julia


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Other Wonderful Benefits Of Wearing This Much Emerald In This Combination

Compassion - you find you have greater empathy for others.

Interconnectedness - you find you can connect with people, animals and nature on a much deeper level.

Love - you find that you attract more love and can feel love in a new and more meaningful way.

Intuition - it raises your psychic connections and your ability to sense things far beyond what you would expect.

Emotional Healing That Lasts - This not only helps heal past hurts, but it brings to you a kind of love that is not dependent on someone else — a love of life itself.  

This kind of healing and love has far-reaching and long-lasting effects.

Abundance - this bracelet combines heart- joy with music. And when you have this song in your heart, you naturally attract abundance. Things just go your way much more easily.

Resurrection And Rebirth - early Christians noted the vast effects, almost like a rebirth emerald brought, and called it the “resurrection stone.”  While it doesn’t bring you back from the other side, it does resurrect your spirit to live in light, joy and love as it shield.


* Note: These items were created for healing and protection of the spirit only. They are not a substitute for medical treatment or the advice of medical, financial, legal or other professionals, or for physical protection. Our obligation under the guarantee is limited to the price you paid us directly for the item and you agree to the same when you purchase them.
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