The Eye Of Shiva Personal Transformation Necklace - Makes your life what you really want it to be.

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Changing Your Life Into Something Blessed And Wonderful Is Much Easier When You Wear The Combination Of Stones Found In This Necklace.
Features the "Eye Of Shiva" Shell Whose Powers Are Known To Transform Worlds.
Also includes six other stones that make it much easier to grow and prosper in this life and into the next - guaranteed authentic blue apatite, peach moonstone, aquamarine, pearl, carnelian, and sunstone.  Length 16" to 20" inches.
Learn how it works below.
Wearing this necklace makes it so much easier to change your life into what you really want it to be. - Energy Artist Julia
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Dear Friends,
Positive change, or making a new and better life can be hard. Just when you think you’ve improved you may find yourself slipping back to old ways, old patterns and and old life that didn’t fully serve you.
It is frustrating, when things really don’t seem to be getting better, or are not getting better fast enough.
This necklace was designed to help you quickly transform and make permanent positive changes in your life — and even get the life you dreamed of living.
It focuses on a number of stones that help you spiritually evolve, symbolized by a gemstone pattern of emerging from the oceans and rising to the heavens — from sea to sky.
Here’s the stones, which are guaranteed authentic. See the diagram below.
Shiva Shell
At the base of this transformation, necklace is the Eye Of Shiva seashell. It is reputed to contain the energies of Shiva, the Hindu god who in legend dances a new world into existence, much like you will do when wearing it. 
At the heart of the shell is a swirl pattern representing the third eye of Shiva, with the power to see and know all. This wisdom and insight, transferred to you from the shell, energetically helps to guide you on your path of transformation. 
It is even said that if you whisper knowledge into the shell, that wisdom will be passed onto your children, grandchildren and descendants.
Blue Apatite
Above the shiva shell is a blue stone that is known to enhance your communication with spirit. Transformation sometimes requires the divine insights you can get from this stone. 
It works especially well when you dream, bringing you answers in the morning you need to make your life wonderful. All you have to do is place it next to your bed.
Peach Moonstone
Above this is peach moonstone, which is known to clear away the blockages that keep you from the life you want.
Clearing them out not only helps you transform your life, but it brings some pretty significant relief from things like repetitive thoughts and hurt feelings from the past.
Above this is blue aquamarine which can make your path much easier to see, and decisions easier to make. It is said to heighten your perceptions, soothe your fears and give you the courage you need to take on anything that stands in your way.
Above this, on one side of the necklace is a pearl to bring you uncommonly good luck and protection. Sometimes life improvements rely on a little luck. A pearl, combined with these stones, is the best thing for this.
Above this is a reddish-orange stone that increases your motivation, passion, and positive energies. Motivated people go far because they are able to put more energy into the things they try. 
This stone not only helps you push your wishes farther, but it is can keep you from losing hope when there are setbacks.
Above the carnelian is a yellow/orange stone known to bring joy to your endeavors, enlightenment to your soul, and direction when you are feeling lost.
It completes your journey from sea to sky, from one life to your new and better life.
Test It Now By Just Looking At It Online
If you look at this and resonate with it. If you feel drawn to it, this means it is going to help bring you into a new and better life.
I don’t have a lot of these, so if you want this improvement to your world, I suggest you get one while you can.
If it doesn’t work for you, return it within 30 days for a refund.
Great Price - 1/2 What You Would Normally Pay
I always run my pricing by a former jewelry store owner to see what they would charge, then pretty much divide it in half to get my pricing. My goal is to get things into your hands that will make a difference in your life. 
Giving you great prices is my way of ensuring the most people possible experience these healing and life-changing energies.
About Your New Life
It is my hope, that when you begin to build a new and better life for yourself, that it will affect all those around you and improve their lives as well — that this will spread to many people and improve the world we live in. I’ve envisioned this energy for your piece, and blessed it to spread light, love and higher consciousness.
I’m sure you will notice the difference.
Energy Artist Julia
Financing Now Available. This is priced far below what you would pay in a jewelry store, but it is still more than many of my other items. Getting the right stones with these kinds of energies required I pay a premium. So through paypal I am offering 0% interest for 6 months on anything you purchase. Just check credit at checkout if you need extra time.
I guarantee that when you get this, and follow the included instructions, you will begin to feel better about the direction of your life and see positive changes, and especially acquire the knowledge to get you to where you want to be.
If it doesn't work for you, return it within 30 days for a refund.*

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