The Galaxy Bracelet - Your celestial connection to other wondrous worlds.

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When you stare into these stones, you seem to be gazing into a galaxy of nebulas, and traveling in your mind to far off places
... And suddenly, through a divine sense of wonder, your worries no longer matter as you become connected to the divine, universal neural network.
These stones seem to produce visions of galaxies in your imagination. And strangely, different people see different things in them. It is like you are both viewing and creating a galaxy in each. I've even named mine.   ~ Energy Artist Julia.
Learn how it works below. 
Limited quantities.  Available in multiple wrist sizes so you can get the perfect fit. Surprisingly light. Includes colored tiger's eye nebula stones with pyrite for protection as your mind reaches out to other worlds.
Sold with a 30 day money back guarantee and a 120 day exchange guarantee. 

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Dear Friends,
When I looked at these stones, the first thing I thought was that in each stone appeared to be a galaxy filled with nebulas and sometimes even tiny stars.
It was mesmerizing and I felt so peaceful when I gazed into them. I wondered why they had that effect.
At first, I didn’t know what the stones were. But when I realized they were colored tiger’s eye, what I was feeling all made sense. 
Tiger’s eye is known for bringing you inner peace and harmony while reducing stress. This is especially true when looking at colored tiger’s eye stones that seem to hold a galaxy's power in each one.
Wearing it, you feel like you do when looking up at a star-filled sky. You begin to daydream and you realize how connected you are to everything in the universe. You no longer feel alone and your problems seem less pressing and significant.
And what is so interesting about these stones is that no two people see the exact same thing when they look into them. It is like they magically change to form a galaxy that most resonates with you.
How It Works - The Neural Net
It has been proposed that the universe, filled with many galaxies, is really simply a giant, interconnected neural network. We are part of this, and with the right focus on the wonder of it all, you can access any part of it instantly and astrally communicate with any sentient or divine being.
That sense of wonder is the key to connecting to the universe, And these stones, are just so pretty that you can't help but feel this way when you look at them.
You just have to focus your mind on them, and suddenly you are connected.
I've added to this design a very important pyrite triangle bead that protects you and keeps you balanced if your mind travels to other places.
Try It Now - Test The Stones By Looking At Their Photo
If you are wondering whether these stones will work for you, test its power by looking at them in the photo. If you feel that sense of wonder, if you start to feel things awakening in you, they definitely will work for you.
Keep in mind that looking at a photo is only a small indication of how you will feel when you can really experience them in person. Holding it and wearing it is much stronger.
It Is Time To Dream
I want you to dream the big dream. To feel your deep connection to the heart of the universe. To feel its pulse coursing through your very being, making you whole and excited for your future. To let your mind reach out over great expanses and receive the knowledge of the universe.
I guarantee you are going to get this sense when you focus on this bracelet.*
And always focus on your dreams.
Energy Artist Julia
Energized & Personally Blessed
Each bracelet is energy channeled, cleared, enhanced and blessed by me. If there is something specific you want me to add with this blessing, please let me know and I will take care of it for you.
What's The Hold Up?
You have a risk free, guaranteed way to connect to a divine sense of peace and wonder, so 
Act now, before it is too late and see how much better you feel.
Get yours before they sell out.

All photographic images and writing Copyright Julia Watkins  All rights reserved.

* These items are made for healing and protection of the spirit only.  They are not a substitute for medical, financial or professional advice of any kind or physical protection.  They do not cure the coronavirus or protect from infection. Our guarantee only covers the price paid directly to us for the item  -  which is our only obligation under this guarantee. Warranty does not cover damage from hitting gems on a hard surface. All gems are inspected prior to shipment for damage. Notify us within 24 hours of receiving your stone if there is damage or we will assume it arrived safely.  In purchasing you agree to these terms. 


Product Reviews

  • 5
    Galaxy bracelet

    Posted by Lucy Twedt on Feb 3rd 2024

    I usually don’t buy dyed stones but purple and blue is my favorite color combination so I looked at these ones and was drawn to them. They have a magical, mysterious energy and when they arrived and I put them on, I felt calm and serene. I love to gaze into the colors , they take me to a far away place full of dreams and magic. I am so happy I decided to get this bracelet, it is a treasure.

  • 5
    Galaxy bracelwt

    Posted by Jackie on Sep 14th 2023

    Beautiful bracelet with beautiful coloured atones

  • 5
    Galaxy bracelet

    Posted by Deb on Feb 22nd 2023

    Very pretty stones. Bracelet has a nice weight to it. I enjoy wearing this piece.

  • 5
    Galaxy bracelet

    Posted by Jacqueline Forbes on Feb 16th 2023

    I love my bracelet. I love the colours and its high quality finish

  • 5
    Galaxy bracelet

    Posted by Melody on Feb 11th 2023

    I believe there are universal folks similar to Star Wars the Force who are sentient people, and that there are a vast number of them. They are sphere-shaped fields of 100% spiritual energy, and since I believe I was in touch with them already, I bought the Galaxy Bracelet to enhance my communication with them. The actual bracelet is even more beautiful than the picture of it, and I believe purchasers will be pleased with it.

  • 5
    Galaxy Bracelet

    Posted by Lynn Harden on Nov 28th 2021

    I originally bought one bracelet as I loved the property of this, when it arrived my daughter fell in love with it so I had to purchase a second item. I love the look, feel and properties in this bracelet and I am often asked where I bought it from.