The Green Emerald "Feel Great" Cuff Bracelet. Guaranteed authentic stone set in gold and silver.

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There’s a reason royalty of old loved to wear emeralds like this. And now you get to wear one too and experience its significant benefits.
The Green Emerald “Feel Great” Bracelet
Learn What It Does For You Below.
Guaranteed authentic emerald set in solid 925 silver and 2.5 micron gold plate that will not rub off. Adjustable Size - Small, Medium, Medium/Large. 
Sold for far less than what you would pay in a jewelry store.

All items sold with a 30 day money back guarantee and a 120 day exchange guarantee! Energy blessed in our new age studios in Gypsum, Colorado USA. 

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Dear Friends,
I’ve always loved beautiful green emeralds, especially the positive way they made me look and feel. But due to their cost, I didn’t think I could ever offer them to you in one of my jewelry pieces … until now.
Thankfully, over the past few years, we’ve been able to go directly to the lapidaries in India to get our stones, which cuts out several levels of middlemen and allows us to acquire stones that we often sell at below wholesale prices.
So I was very excited when Spencer told me he could now get some emeralds for this exquisite, silver and gold bracelet design, and bring its special powers to you. 
Here is what this stunning emerald can do for you:
Improve Your Fortunes And Prosperity. This includes reversing bouts of bad luck. Some believe that this is the most powerful stone for manifesting abundance.
Enhance Your Psychic Abilities. Emerald is actually considered an essential stone for magic and psychic practices. Things work so much better when you wear it. Some have even said they gained the ability to foretell the future. 
Improve Your Meditation. Emerald is believed to give you access to your subconscious powers while you are still awake. This opens you to a wealth of insights, wisdom, healing and transformative powers.
Enhance Your Creativity. It is said to give you access to new insights and ideas that can help you in your daily life. It clears up creative blockages.
Increase Your Self Awareness. By helping you clearly see your gifts, talents and also your limitations, you can navigate your life more effectively and direct your path to outcomes you want.
Inspires You. People report that wearing an emerald causes them to feel more inspired to implement positive changes in their lives. It is a great stone to wear if you are stuck or procrastinating, or simply afraid to make necessary changes.
Heal Past Hurts. Emerald is a healing stone, especially when it comes to dealing with past losses or traumas. It can unblock energies trapped in the past that keep you from moving forward.
Improve Relationships. Emerald also works on the heart chakra, healing and balancing it, so you can have improved relationships including romantic ones. It enhances the ability to give and receive love.
Mental Focus. Emerald was worn in ancient times to improve mental acuity and focus. 
Regeneration. Emerald is said to increase your life-force energies, increasing your vitality, and joy in life. It is also often worn during recovery from injury. It fills you with hope for the future.
Energy Enhancement Makes A Big Difference
My stones go through a significant process for selecting the best, most beautiful and highest energy pieces I can find.
After that, I infuse them with energies and create a link to through them to the other side so they are constantly filled with energies. This is the same method I use to do mass blessings where people have reported spontaneous healings.
You will notice a difference when you put one of these pieces on. Some people can even feel the energies coming through their package before they even open it
What Putting It On Feels Like
First, this bracelet is a big fashion statement. It is both elegant, powerful and something sure to get you many compliments. It is a class of high fashion jewelry not commonly seen.
When you put it on you feel surrounded in beauty, healing, positivity and abundance.
Its energies not only feel great, but you simply cannot stop looking at it on your wrist. 
First, I guarantee this is an authentic emerald. There are many fake stones being sold on the internet. We guarantee ours are real. We also guarantee that this bracelet is authentic 925 silver with gold plate, 2.5 micron thickness or better, which won’t rub off.* These are made to last.
I also guarantee that this bracelet will bring you strong positive energies.
If it doesn’t work for you, return it with 30 days for a refund. *
Great Price, Limited Quantities So Hurry.
You simply won’t see a guaranteed authentic, emerald cuff bracelet offered at this low price, except through me. It is only possible because we go direct to the source for our stones, and also because I mark my jewelry up far less than others for my products. 
We estimate that we are discounting this bracelet as much as 90% from what you would pay in a jewelry store, and possibly even more.
But we have limited numbers of these available, and may not be able to offer more at this price. So this may be your one-time chance to own an authentic emerald bracelet.
Look And Feel Beautiful
I cannot say enough how people just seem to light up when they wear this.  So put it on, and walk with joy in your step through your days.
Energy Artist Julia
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Why You Shouldn't Wait
You know this provides natural healing, and
It is absolutely beautiful, and
You feel fabulous when you wear it, and
It is available at a great price, so
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*Note: These items DO NOT replace the need for medical treatment or counseling, financial advice or physical protection if you are your family are in a dangerous situation. Beliefs about gemstones, even historical ones, are not supported by any substantial scientific research, if any and should not replace professional care.  Carat weights are estimated based on dimensions although they can vary some.  These are gemstones and as such they can break, chip or crack if they are hit on another object.  There is no warranty for breakage.  Our obligation under any warranty or  guaranty, if any is made is limited only to the price paid directly to us for the item, and in purchasing you agree to release us from all other obligations.