The Happy Family Bracelet - Emotionally Bonding Yellow Opal, Tibetan Agate DZI Stone And Rosewood

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Create family togetherness, happiness and joy when you wear these stones. 
Includes family bonding yellow opal, DZI style Tibetan agate and rosewood, energy channeled and blessed to fill your family group with love and understanding.
I love the way this makes me and those around me feel. I'm wearing it over the holidays.~ Energy Artist Julia
Guaranteed to improve family happiness, or you can return it within 30 days for a refund.*
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Dear Friends,
I’ve seen it both with people and animals … a proud and content mother watching over her children with love in her eyes as they play, or as they talk and interact at a family get-together.
What I've created in this bracelet, with the guidance of spirit is a combination of stones (yellow opal and Tibetan agate) that revitalize family love, amplify positive emotions, and remove walls built up, so family members can reconnect in a way only they can.
Then I energy blessed your bracelet, so your family can feel the happiness and magic as they come together once again, or even as they meet over a zoom call.
And when you separate again, to live your different lives, it also creates lasting positive energy connections that can sustain you until you meet again, while offering strong spiritual protection.
Now I know there isn’t always family bliss, and things don’t always work, and people even fight. But at the heart of it is a love that somehow never goes away. 
This bracelet’s stones strengthen your innate connections and make it clear to all who are near how important they are. 
How It Works
Besides the blessing I put on this bracelet, the yellow opal in it is known for revitalizing and uplifting your spirit and relationships, rendering emotional support, and regenerating emotional bonds.
It also includes Tibetan Agate DZI-style stones. The Tibetan word for them means “shine, brightness, clearness, splendor. ” They are known to attract happiness, luck and provide strong protection to you and your family.
In addition, it includes rosewood beads which are said to be spiritually nourishing while allowing a woman to spread intuitive healing to her family.
This combination is just what you need to heighten family love.
Time To Come Together 
Family is important. Love is important. Your family group can be made up of many, including blood relatives as well as close friends. Your group, and the togetherness you feel, actually have come together over many lifetimes, on this world and others.
If you really think about it, down in your soul you know this. You’ve always known this. You’ve always been a group.
So wear the bracelet, and watch its magic descend over your group, and rekindle the bonds you have known since the beginning of time.
Energy Artist Julia
P.S.  One of my employees with small children calls it the "kids don't fight nearly as much" bracelet.
I guarantee that when you wear this, you will feel a greater sense of bonding loving communication with family and friends. If it doesn't work for you, return it within 30 days for a refund.*
What's The Hold-Up?
You know the value of loving family and friends, and
You have a risk free way to improve those relationships, so
Order now before we run out.

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    Happy Family bracelet

    Posted by MBJackson on Feb 1st 2024

    I purchased this bracelet for Christmas presents for my sisters. They were all happy with them. I did mess up on the sizes and had to exchange a couple but I had no problems doing it.