The "Heaven Stone" Necklace. Helps you make a divine connection to life-changing, transformational energies.

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This gem combination is said to put you in touch with divine heavenly energies and beings - enabling significant spiritual transformation.
Facilitates power meditation, healing, divine communication and personal growth.
Includes - Kunzite, Phosphosiderite, And Moonstone which work together to connect you to the heavenly energies of divine love.
Length adjustable 16" to 36" inches.
Learn how it works below.
When I put this on, I feel my heart reach out to heaven like I am already there. Wearing this while meditating or praying is one powerful experience. ~ Energy Artist Julia.
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You will not find this quality at this price anywhere. But we only have a few available so act now.

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Dear Friends,
I want to introduce you to a different kind of love energy, a divine heaven/nirvana vibration that can transform your life, your existence and enable you to reach a higher level of being when you leave this world.
While we’ve all experienced romantic love, as well as caring love involving a pet, child, or friend, there is another type of love, a higher love, you can access which has been known to move mountains and shape worlds. 
Accessing it opens you to the true purpose and power of the universe.
The most famous example of this being used was by Buddha 2,500 years ago as he sat under the Bodhi tree. He called upon the higher, universal love to banish forces of illusion that were blocking us from reaching Nirvana. Prior to this, we were forced to be born and reborn again without ever reaching a divine state of being.
Connecting to this divine, universal love, is something you can do and should do so you can reach the ultimate goal of transforming into a higher being and enter Nirvana, heaven or however you choose to define the positive parts of the afterlife.
For me, and many others, certain stones help connect to the energy I will call divine love. I’ve placed them into one necklace and included instructions for activating their energies. 
Here are the stones.
Kunzite - This pink stone is best known for opening you to experience and reciprocate love. It connects the heart and mind which is necessary for you then to further connect to universal love energies and higher chakras. This stone activates your higher heart which among other things is said to:
  • Release trauma and negative emotions.
  • Help you realize your true purpose
  • Help you feel your deep connection to all living beings in the universe
  • Help you sense your divine nature - that you exist beyond the physical body
Phosphosiderite - These are the raspberry/violet-colored wafers in the necklace. They facilitate a connection to your spirit guides, higher beings, and especially to the universal energy of love that is necessary for spiritual transformation. It is said to:
  • Open your heart and higher heart to your crown and upper chakras, higher beings, and realms.
  • Enable emotional growth necessary for transformation
  • Open your third eye for universal seeing of truths
  • Enable much more powerful meditation and prayer
Moonstone - Adding this stone to the necklace brought into this energy field the mystic, wordless nature of your existence when you seek to transform. 
Much of spiritual growth, as if by magic relies on forces that defy explanation or description. You feel them powerfully when you combine this stone with the other two, although you may not be able to accurately explain the wonder of how it makes you feel.
Special Blessing For Your Spiritual Growth
I have done a special blessing for your necklace which activates the stones and helps you receive the higher levels of divine love. I use the same method I use for the healing blessings I have done which have helped so many.
Note Regarding Results And Guarantee
I cannot guarantee that just putting this on is going to transform and enlighten you without doing the things necessary to evolve, like living a good life, doing the right things, and meditating. 
What I can guarantee is that it will help put you into the right emotional and spiritual space so that you can more easily accomplish these things.
It helps make every day, one where you focus on living in the light while receiving the vibration of love that heals and transforms. 
Limited Quantities - Prices Will Go Up
I have enough to make 40 of these necklaces. After that, I don’t know. Gemstones like this are getting hard to find and their prices keep going up. 
If you want this. If you want to accelerate your spiritual transformation and growth, now is the time to get it.
As always, I am honored spirit chose me to help you spiritually grow, evolve, transform and bring positive energies to our world.p
Energy Artist Julia
I guarantee that when you get this, and follow the included instructions, you will begin to feel better about the direction of your life and see positive changes, and especially acquire the knowledge to get you to where you want to be.
If it doesn't work for you, return it within 30 days for a refund.*

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    very good product

    Posted by Shirley L. on Sep 17th 2022

    This heaven stone is a beautiful necklace. I wear it every day...makes me calm and strong.