The Power Woman Confidence Necklace - Empowering agate geode, peach and white moonstone.

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In business and in life, these stones help you become a confident and motivated "force of nature" in everything you do.
The Power Woman Confidence Necklace
Empowering agate geode pendant and banded Botswana agate stones with peach and white moonstone.

Learn what these stones do for you below. Includes instructions for using it to remotely heal and communicate.

When I put this on, I feel like I can accomplish anything.  ~ Energy Artist Julia

You will not find this quality at this price anywhere. In fact, we can't even get these stones for this price anymore so this is the last chance to get it at this price.

All items sold with a 30 day money back guarantee and a 120 day exchange guarantee! Made in our new age studios in Gypsum, Colorado USA. Adjustable size 20" to 30" inches.

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Dear Friends,

Research shows that when you beam out power and confidence you are given far more opportunities in life — from job opportunities to respect for the ideas and decisions you suggest. Even your attractiveness to others increases when you put out a confident smile.

But while you may know that projecting confidence opens the world to you, it isn’t always that easy to do.  

Some subscribe to the “fake it until you make it” school of thought  — where when you pretend to be confident, those behaviors eventually become a part of you and you begin to actually feel confident. It is like an affirmation through repeated behavior.

What many people find difficult about this is that they feel a  compulsion to act authentic, honest and true — and pretending to be something just doesn’t fit within their disposition.

So I’ve come up with a necklace containing stones whose energies naturally boost your confidence. Then I increased their power by channeling spirit’s energies into them.

Its heart shaped agate geode and banded Botswanan agate is known to tremendously increase your confidence, your self-esteem, your mental sharpness and analytical abilities, your emotional strength, your resolve and also dispels fears and discomfort in social situations.

Its peach moonstone is said to dispel doubt, fears and discomfort so you can function without their intrusion.

The white moonstone heightens your feminine powers of observation and intuition so you can feel confident that the path you take, the decisions you make are true.

Imagine what you could do if you had the level of confidence these stones provide.


When you put it on, and activate it with the included instructions, you begin to feel unstoppable.  In fact I guarantee you will feel more confident wearing it.*

It is sold with a 30 day money back guarantee and a 120 day exchange guarantee.

Limited Quantities

I was able to make 30 of these. With the way supplies are now, I may not be able to get more soon. So if you want this, and the confidence it builds, get it now while you can.

Why Use It

There is nothing quite like feeling empowered, strong and confident.  It not only feels great, but it opens doors that would otherwise be closed to you.  

This is actually your natural state of being — the way you were intended to be.  It is time to claim that part of you, then go out and make your world exactly what you want it to be.


Energy Artist Julia

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