The Ruby Muse Divine Inspiration Necklace - Enhances creativity in you and others.   Made from my Crestone vision.

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The goddess stepped out of the Crestone vortex and there she stood, serene and beautiful, wearing this astounding necklace.

She handed it to me, urging me to create from my wildest dreams and to inspire others to do the same. ~ Energy Artist Julia

Introducing: The Ruby Muse Divine Inspiration Necklace - Be inspired.  Inspire others. Made from my Crestone vision.

Only 26 were made. Hurry.  

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Made with guaranteed authentic ruby, pink tourmaline, 24 carat 2 micron gold plate that won't rub off.

Adjustable length 18" to 22" inches.  These stones were photographed in direct sunlight.  They will look more cherry red outside and more burgundy red indoors. 

All items sold with a 30 day money back guarantee and a 120 day exchange guarantee!   


Dear Friends, 

This is my first necklace capturing the creative essence and magic of Crestone, the spiritual vortex center where I now live and work.

When I started visiting Crestone for spiritual healing and inspiration two years ago, one night the vision of this necklace, perhaps one of my greatest creations, took shape and form and became infused with a magic so powerful it could only come from a place like this.

In my vision, I saw the goddess step out of the vortex wearing this necklace, and bestow upon anyone who wears it the blessing of the divine muse, a creative being who inspires others to do amazing things … so much so that she can change worlds.

And now, I’m offering it to you … not only the necklace but the ability to tap into the vision and become that being of divine inspiration. 

My Nearly Two-Year Quest To Make It

I knew what I wanted to make.  I saw it in the vision.  But the pieces just didn’t ’t exist.

Eventually, I found what I saw in the vision, when I had the beads custom cast in India, applying 2 microns of 24-carat gold that will never rub off.

Similarly, I was able to make the main pendant that signifies art, creativity, and inspiration floating up through you to the world around you.  

I asked spirit to infuse it with magic so creatives, artists, writers, musicians, poets, family, friends and soulmates will feel inspiration like never before in your presence … and to inspire you as well.  When you wear it you will have ideas and creative insights like never before.

Then I sourced really good quality ruby beads.  But the problem was, in the US they were extremely expensive.  So I sent my agent to the marts in India and he was able to find a cutter with these exquisite ruby beads in a quality rarely seen in necklaces.  

And I got the rubies at 1/3 the cost of US-sourced ones.  I’m passing those savings on to you.

I added pink tourmaline to bring into play the power of divine love -- love of all life and things of beauty.

How It Works - Guaranteed Results

First I have to say that this is a divinely inspired piece, conceived in a place where this world and the next are at their closest and often overlap.  It feels sacred and other-worldly. 

From a mechanics standpoint, it harnesses the passion of rubies to amplify the powers of the creative muse talisman.  It does it like nothing else I have experienced.

I even guarantee that when you wear it, and follow the meditative activation instructions, you and those around you will feel more creative and inspired.  And as time goes on, you will become something like a conduit of inspiration where the world around you blooms.

If it doesn’t work for you, return it within 30 days for a refund.

That Feeling You Get When You Wear It

I once saw a movie in which wherever a person walked, flowers bloomed.  That’s how you feel when you wear this.  The world feels brighter, people are happier, and life flourishes all around you.

Limited Availability -  Hurry

I was not able to make many of these - 26 total.  I don’t know if I can ever make more as the pieces may never come together like this again.

I hope that if this resonates with you, if it feels right and good in your heart, that you get it while you can.  It is something you will cherish for a lifetime, and pass down to those you love.


Energy Artist Julia


A Special Blessing For Your Jewelry 

I am channeling a special blessing into your necklace. In it, I envision you finding the very deepest and most fantastically beautiful creativity within, and spreading it to all the world. I see you inspiring others to do the same, and the world becomes a tremendously better place.


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Product Reviews

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    Absolutely stunning!

    Posted by Tricia on Aug 29th 2023

    I gasped when I opened the box on the beauty of this piece. The quality is amazing. The ruby beads are faceted which make them sparkle. The gold beads and pendant in the 24 kt gold plate enhance the rubies even more. This is my first piece I had ordered from Julia and will not be my last. I am thrilled with this purchase. The energy I feel from this necklace does give me inspiration! I look forward to wearing this for many years!