The Soul Sister Ring - Spiritual relationship building blue topaz

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The "Power Of Three Ring" Celebrates That Mystical, Life-Long Bond You Share With Your Spiritual Soul Sisters.
Wear it, and relive the nights you all danced together in your hearts, or just laughed and made your special magic.
About:  Since the dawn of time, spiritual women have found their powers are greatest when they naturally form into groups of three. This ring heightens the powers of your group, circle, soul sisters, coven or whatever you choose to call it -- even when you are far apart.
Wear it and feel your group power grow, and your ties strengthen. If you can, send one to each of your sisters and wear it for a zoom call.  If you have lost your group of three, I can say a special prayer to call together a new one for you.  Learn more about this below.

Three brilliant, stunning blue topaz stones set in solid 925 silver -- sold at an incredible price. 

Don't be fooled by imitations sold on the internet.  This is GUARANTEED AUTHENTIC, hand selected stone from a highly reputable stone house. Sold with a 30 day money back guarantee and a 120 day exchange guarantee.

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Dear Friends,
As women of the new age, we often work in groups of three. This is the way it has been, going back to the dawn of our kind. Within the group of three you are at your most powerful,and can do things you couldn't without your sisters' support.
Do you have a group of three? You most certainly do.
If you think about it, you too have a group. It may have been in childhood.It may be now. It may be with your children. I actually am in several groups of three. Some even have men. I even have groups of three that are spirit guides only.
Even if you haven't spoken with them in years, or even if they have passed on, the bond within your group is still there. It is powerful, life-sustaining and fulfilling all the way to the deepest parts of your heart and soul.
I wanted something that energetically strengthens this special group bond you share. That's why I had the foundry fire up and cast rings featuring three exquisite blue topaz stones set in solid 925 silver. For mine, I've actually named each stone for a person in the group, although they change based on each group I think of.
I'm thinking of sending a ring to each of my other two sisters in the group then sharing photos of us wearing them.
This blue topaz is especially effective at energetically joining your group, no matter how far apart you might be. It emits the energies of love, companionship, truth, forgiveness, healing and understanding. 
It brings back the dreams you shared, the things you did, and the funny things you said that only your sisters would understand. It recharges your MAGICAL healing, transformative and visionary powers.
And like your group of three, the three stones together are far more powerful than even one big stone. There's something about this number. Even our greatest spiritual leaders of past always have worked in groups of three, although you may only know the name of one.
Put It On And Feel The Three Of You Together Again In Spirit
When you put it on, and think of your group or groups, the power of the ring brings you back together again in spirit. You smile and laugh, and think of the love that still binds you. Then, maybe, you make a few phone calls.
In this time of isolation, this is possibly the most healing thing you can do.
I hope you will wear this and always have your group together in heart and spirit.
And when you get it please reach out to your group and share your heart once again.
Energy Artist Julia
Guaranteed Psychic Connection
I'm confident this will work for you and your group ... so much so that I guarantee that when wearing it you will feel a psychic connection to your soul sisters.  You may even know what they are thinking.  
If it doesn't work for you, return it within 30 days for a refund.
Special Blessing For You
I'm also going to say a special blessing for your ring before I send it. I will ask that it be infused with energies to bond, and heal with joy your special group. 
Special Prayer To Find You A New Group Of Three If You Have Lost Yours
If for any reason you have lost your group of three, I can connect you to another. Just let me know and when I send your ring I will say a special prayer to call together a new group of three for you. I can't however say you will find them immediately. It can take up to a year, which is what it once took for me. But it will happen. It can also happen energetically and spiritually way before you ever meet anyone.
Great Price And Value
These are extremely beautiful blue topaz, not the watery colored ones you usually see. And it is guaranteed authentic. People are selling colored crystal on the internet these days and claiming it is topaz when it is not.


Mine were purchased from very reputable dealers with a 200 year history selling stones. So you know they are real healing stones.
And if you were to buy this ring in a jewelry store, you would pay 3x what I am charging. I sell very high grade jewelry at a very reasonable price. My mission is to do what I can to spread positive energies through powerful stones, jewelry and artwork. This means I charge less so anyone can afford it.


Limited Quantities So Hurry

I don't have a lot of these, and when I sell out I usually don't get more. So if this is something you resonate with, by all means get it while you can.  
What's The Hold Up?
You have a risk free, guaranteed way to get something that strengthens your soul sister relationship. and
Over time this can make a huge difference in your life, so
Act now, before it is too late and see how much better you feel.



All photographic images and writing Copyright Julia Watkins  All rights reserved.

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