The Speaker For Spirit Bracelet - Enhances your spiritual insights and communication. Lapis, sodalite and a happy Buddha bead.

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Years ago, I often found myself tongue tied until I discovered that certain stones would allow me to say all the beautiful things I had bottled up inside.

Introducing: The Speaker For Spirit Bracelet 

This combination of lapis, sodalite and Buddha bead enhances your insights from spirit and amplifies your ability to helpfully communicate them to others.


I find that when I wear this, my words flow from me like a stream of consciousness straight from spirit. ~ Energy Artist Julia

Sold with a 30 day money back guarantee and a 120 day exchange guarantee.  

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Unisex design. Lovingly worn by all sexes.

A letter from Julia about your bracelet.

Dear Friends,

Years ago, I sometimes felt tongue tied. 

It was like there was so much coming from spirit, so many spiritual ideas and insights, so much I wanted to share with others. But in the end, I could say almost nothing. 

Or it just doesn’t come out right when I tried to express it. So I turned to expressing it through art and jewelry.

This is a common problem for many of us. It didn’t resolve for me until 11-11-11, about the time I started wearing certain stones I had purchased at art shows.

I had to speak at a big conference and amazingly I found I could speak without notes, in a clear and logical tone, like spirit just flowed through me and off the tip of my tongue.

It was pure stream of consciousness coming through me to the audience.  It was a marvelous feeling. 

So What  Are These Spiritual Communication Stones?

The perfect combination for being able to articulate spiritual ideas, advice, speaking healing and soothing but influential words, or channeling the word of spirit to others is lapis and sodalite worn together - like in this bracelet. 

Lapis - This is the stone that opens your third eye, allowing you to see and clearly understand spiritual insights.  

It gives you logical and ordered access to the divine messages and understandings you will convey to others.

It is famous for not only helping you see the truth, but expressing it to others. It can even help you with channeling.

Sodalite - Also called “the poet’s stone” it helps you find your words to express the beautiful things within.  

It is also said to sharpen the intellect so you can speak with authority. 

In addition, it is known to enhance intuition so you can look out to your audience, connect with them and say the things to which they most relate. 

It works for speaking to individuals or to large groups.

While lapis helps you access spiritual insights and wisdom, then express them, sodalite gives you the silver tongue so you can win over your audience.

Together, in this bracelet they make a very powerful spiritual communication piece.

Happy Buddha Bead - This bead represents one of the greatest spiritual speakers the world has ever seen. And because he is smiling it reminds you to have fun when you communicate with others.

Why Share Your Spiritual Ideas With Others?

You have much to contribute to help those you love and others find a better, more spiritual way in life.

But to do this, you need to be able to communicate influentially.  There can be so much bottled up inside, and this is a way to get it out.  

It not only benefits them, but benefits you.  There is a great sense of peace and harmony when you are able to help others in this way. 

Instructions Included

This bracelet comes in a gift box with a short prayer/mantra that helps you focus your communication skills.


I guarantee that if you wear this bracelet and follow the instructions, you will not only find that your spiritual insights are focused, but that you will be able to better express them to others.

If it doesn’t work for you, return it within 30 days for a refund.

It is time to express all the beautiful things you have inside you.  I think that is why spirit arranged for you to see this today, here and now.


Energy Artist Julia

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*Sold with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 120-day exchange guarantee. 

* Note: Our obligation under any guarantee made is for the actual price paid to us for the item. By purchasing, you agree to those terms.* Negative feelings  can also be a sign of serious medical conditions like depression or anxiety so always check with your doctor or click the link at the bottom if this email for additional resources. This bracelet should never be used as an alternative cure for medical conditions. In purchasing you agree to these terms and to indemnify and hold us harmless in any action involving this item, purchase or any claims maid regarding the same.
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    Calming and Soothing

    Posted by Darlin Wells on Jun 26th 2024

    Beautiful one, as all bracelets I've purchased from you. I find more calmness in me. Soothes away my soul's weariness. I love it!