The Four-Pointed Star Harmony Bracelet. Includes a sacred four pointed star bead and red garnet that harmonizes your energies while enhancing your mood.

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I asked spirit how I could relax from stress but still be motivated and energized. This is the bracelet I was shown. And now you can have it too.

Introducing: The Four Pointed Star Harmony Bracelet

Includes a sacred four pointed star bead and and red garnet that harmonizes your energies while enhancing your mood.

This rare combination both relaxes and energizes you at the same time.  

There is nothing that feels better than being relaxed, worry free while at the same time feeling positive and energized. ~ Energy Artist Julia

Includes fully energized, hand-selected guaranteed authentic red garnet.
Sold with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 120-day exchange guarantee. Made In The Spiritual Vortex Area Of Crestone Colorado, USA. 
Instructions Included: Comes with  easy-to-follow directions for activating it so you can receive healing energies!

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*Photographed in direct sunlight.  Colors will be less intense indoors.


A letter from Julia About Your Bracelet 

Dear Friends,

Sometimes, when you feel very stressed or down, and want relief, what works is to let you yourself go to the balancing and harmonizing cycles of nature while also embracing all the exciting wonder of life.  

Considering stress is the number one killer of us all, this is necessary to ensure long term spiritual health and quality of life.

But How Do You Let It Go And Reduce Stress?

That’s a really good question many of us ask.  I asked spirit myself and I received an answer in the form of this energy bracelet I designed. 

The center bread on this bracelet contains the sacred four pointed star which is famous for bringing balance and harmony to your life.  

When you wear it, you end up looking it all day long . It constantly reminds you that everything happens in its own time, not to stress, and that life is good.

Around the star bead is a large amount of red garnet that clears your root chakra and reconnects you to the deep comfort of mother earth.  

Red garnet is also associated with the heart and is said to be regenerative, so you feel happier and more alive when you wear it.   In addition, it blocks negative thoughts and bad engines around you so you are under less stress.

When you wear this combination, and follow the instructions I provide, you find yourself taking a deep breath and relaxing while feeling a new excitement towards life. It is the perfect state for healing. 

The sky seems bluer, the trees greener, and suddenly every song you hear on the radio is your new favorite. 

What it really does is relax you enough to you can let yourself become a part of the beauty all around you.   When I’m having a hard time, this is what I would wear. 

I even guarantee that you will feel more relaxed and more alive when you wear it, or you can return it within 30 days for a refund.

This Is A Rare Find And A Great Deal

I was lucky enough to find red garnet in the Tucson gem show and get it at an incredible price,  which I am passing onto you. 

This is guaranteed authentic red garnet, not the fake stuff that is all over the internet, which is really some sort of composite or even glass. 

The vendor I got it from is very reputable,  really needed money and towards the end of the show began offering their red garnet at about 1/5 the normal price.  So I bought all he had. 

I don’t think you will ever again see a deal like this on red garnet again so hurry.  When these run out, I won’t be able to get you more at this price.

Time To Find Happiness - Special Blessing For This Bracelet

It is my sincere hope that you find balance, harmony and joy when you wear this.  I’ve gone to spirit and asked that you do every time you put it on.  I pray that you will feel these special energies, and walk the walk of beauty through all of your days.



Energy Artist Julia

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More About The Meaning Of The Four Pointed Star Symbol

When you wear it, the four pointed star in your bracelet tells you that everything is as it should be, and encourages you to live in peace within the harmonious cycles of life.  It represents:

Four Seasons: Spring, summer, autumn (fall), and winter

Four Directions: North, south, east, and west

Four Elements: Earth, air, fire and water

Four Phases of the Moon: New moon, first quarter, full moon, and last quarter

Four Solar Events: 2 Equinoxes and 2 Solstices

Four Parts Of The Day: Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Night

I hope you will think of this every time you wear your bracelet. 


Give It A Try - See If It Is Right For You
*I sell these with a 30 day money-back guarantee and a 120-day exchange guarantee. So there is time for you to try it out.
But before you do that, try just letting out a deep breath and focus on the photo. If it really resonates with you — if you feel a connection, then this is going to make a big difference in your life.

All photographic images, jewelry and writing Copyright Julia Watkins  All rights reserved.

* These items are made for healing of the spirit and spiritual protection only.  They are not a substitute for medical or professional advice, financial advice of any kind, physical protection or any treatment.  Always seek professional advice before making any decision. Our guarantee only covers the price paid directly to us for the item  -  which is our only obligation under this guarantee.  You can return this within 30 days for a refund if it doesn't work for you. In purchasing you agree to these terms. 


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    Garnet Bracelet

    Posted by Mindy Chang on Mar 12th 2024

    I bought 2 of these beautiful garnet bracelets for grounding and psychic protection. The price is also very reasonable. The bracelets looks nice layered with the other bracelets I have that are also made by Julia.