Two Ravens – The Clairvoyant’s Totem

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The appearance of ravens, who usually travel in pairs, signifies an offer to assist in seeing things more clearly - to navigate coming change.To many they represent the “clearing of the mists” and as a result coming good luck. The sight of two ravens can also mean that danger has passed and good luck is on its way to you.

With raven by your side, your success is guaranteed … if you listen. There are actual Native American ceremonies wherein the raven totem is used to bring clarity to visions and dreams i.e. clairvoyance.

While they are often tricksters, most of what they do, while at first misunderstood turns out to be for the benefit of mankind. In one legend, raven tricked a god in order to bring light, symbolizing mental illumination to the world. He threw in the moon and stars as well.

Often raven uses the power of trickery and persuasion to get us to do the right thing or the thing that we really know in our hearts we need to do. Ravens bring a different, unusual and creative perspective to a situation or problem. They are often viewed as teachers to shamans and mystics. In almost all Native American cultures raven is also seen as a bringer of powerful magic.

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Is Raven Your Spirit Animal?

Most humans who have raven as their spirit animal were early on mischievous as they learned the boundaries of their persuasive abilities and as they were driven by deep impulse to better understand human nature. During the formative period, ravens can even be ruthless. At some point though, they either outgrow this or more often than not have powerful clairvoyant visions that show them their true path which is to help others. Through this process they develop great empathy. When fully evolved ravens are the people who seek to bring others to spiritual light and understanding through many means, whether it be stories, riddles, magic or even humor. You might think of ravens as reformed “bad boys” or girls who have seen the world and at some point found and embraced the goodness in their own hearts.

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