Peacock Energy Pendant - Beauty. Foresight. Clairvoyance.

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Beauty. Foresight. Clairvoyance. - Awakening your Bodhisattva nature.

Based on the painting “Peacock” by energy artist Julia Watkins this image focuses both on the extreme beauty of the peacock and on the illusion of eyes which appear on the tail feathers representing foresight and clairvoyance.

The peacock pendant brings to its wearer the gift of foresight … the ability to identify and join with new opportunities for spiritual growth and healing.

It also awakens your Bodhisattva (Buddha Like) nature -- helping you to realize that you are an advanced being whose purpose is to help all of humanity reach enlightenment.


Size: 1 1/8 x 2 inches. Hand made with loving care in the USA. Chakra balanced, energy enhanced and personally blessed by the artist. Made from fired resinated glass on stainless Price is for the pendant only. Chains are sold separately. All items sold with a 30 day money back guarantee!

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Awakening The Bodhisattva In You 

In Mahayana Buddhism, a Bodhisattva, often embodied in the energy of the peacock, is a highly transformed individual who works towards the complete enlightenment of all sentient beings. If you know in your heart you came to this world to help others reach the light you may be one of these advanced beings.

Many of our spiritualists, spiritual teachers and energy healers are actually Bodhisattvas, often without even knowing it. The most famous Bodhisattva was Kuan-Yin.

Take the Bodhisatva test below to see if you are one of these very special souls.

Realizing Who You Are, Why You Are Here And Discovering Past Lives 

Energy Artist Julia has created this energy channeled Peacock image and jewelry to awaken the Bodhisattva within you and to help you stay on track once you do. Many believe that by focusing on this image they can remember their true nature -- and tap into immense abilities of compassion and transformation developed over many life times. Some can say they now remember past lives. Wear it today and rediscover your divine purpose.

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Are You A Bodhisattva? Take This Test And See 

This Peacock Bodhisattva Awakening energy image emits the deeply channeled energy of the Bodhisattvas. If it affects you strongly, or feels strangely familiar, if you feel a deep connection to it, you are probably a Bodhisattva.

Other indications that you are one of these amazing beings include the following 10 items.

You don't have to match all of them, but should match more than one.

1. You are highly compassionate toward others

2. You receive great joy helping others grow spiritually

3. You have moral discipline in your own life

4. People may describe you as radiant, inspiring but also patient with others

5. You don't let the negative emotions of those you are trying to help affect you

6. You are generous with others

7. When you help others it feels like you are also helping yourself

8. You have always felt like your path is to help others spiritually

9. You may be fully enlightened, or you may be well on your path to enlightenment and helping others

10. You respect all life. Take your place in our world. Go forth and lead us to the light! 


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Please note: DUE TO STRONG DEMAND FOR THIS ITEM AND BECAUSE IT IS HAND MADE, IT MAY TAKE UP TO TWO WEEKS TO SHIP. Prints and jewelry are shipped from separate facilities. If you order both you will get two different packages.


All images and writing Copyright Julia Watkins and Energism Art Corp. All rights reserved.