Winter Solstice - Spirit's Promise Of A Better Future - Giclee Print

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Julia Watkins' New Winter Solstice Image Emits The Energy Of Spirit's Promise Of Hope To You ...

That as the days grow warmer, so will your heart find the light, joy, love and energy that will make your world wonderful.

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Spirit Promises That Things Will Always Get Better!

Julia's newest energy image and jewelry, Winter Solstice brings you hope for the future and a promise from spirit that things will get much better for you.

The winter solstice is spiritually symbolic of obtaining your hopes and wishes despite adversity ... that good changes are starting to happen. The solstice is both the darkest day and longest night of the year, symbolizing both the darkest moments of your heart and the knowledge of better times to come.

Winter solstice is the symbol for a turnaround in your fortunes. It marks the beginning of days getting longer and warmer ... and also marks the beginning of your return to the light and joy we once knew. The solstice image offers a magical spark to take you beyond the things which burden you.

Focus On The Light Of Winter Solstice And Open Your Heart To Hope ... Release Yourself To The Growing Warmth And Joy That Will Be Your Life From This Time Forward

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All images and writing Copyright Julia Watkins. All rights reserved.

This is a top quality, museum grade giclee print which will remain vibrant for over 100 years.

Larger prints (anything over our smallest size) are special order and are not returnable.