Your Spiritual Reading for Today - Anger connects you to those who have hurt you.

Posted by Energy Artist Julia on Jul 15th 2020

You can carry around repetitive angry thoughts. Sometimes, others have undeniably crossed your boundaries and their actions have caused you apparent harm. When others hurt you physically or emotionally, sometimes it is inappropriate to condone their behavior. What they did is not acceptable, but forgiving the individual is to your benefit.

 When you are angry with someone, you create energetic cords that keep you connected to the very individual you dislike. As soon as you are able to forgive them, you can move forward. Visualize cutting cords that attach you and release the painful event. Now, you will be free from the pain and anger.

 If you cannot forgive, seek help to set yourself free to live a joyful life. Forgiving allows you to disentangle and move forward to brighter pastures.