Your Spiritual Reading for Today - Clear your instinct and know your are safe unless your gut alerts you otherwise.

Posted by Energy Artist Julia on Jul 21st 2020

You believe you are being cautious to protect yourself. Are you mistrustful of most people and even suspect opportunities that come your way? Do you believe if something good happens than it won’t last?

This negative pattern stems from traumas that you have experienced and that you hold in your energy field. Others can subtlety sense these imprints and you may attract situations and people that will warrant caution. Take steps to resolve this pattern. Find a therapist and/or healer who can help you release the past. Simultaneously, notice when you are mistrustful and check in with your gut instinct. Is this person or place threatening? Are they trustworthy? Adjust accordingly.

As you learn to discern accurately, shift and know you are always guided to the highest outcome. So be it.