Your Spiritual Reading for Today - Forgive past transgressions and your own failings.

Posted by Energy Artist Julia on Jul 16th 2020

You may be feeling like doing something mean that in the end, through karma will bring far more of the same down upon you and those you love.

 Certain insecurities can compel you to act, where you feel like you have no control to do otherwise. But you do have a choice and self control can be found through empathy. See yourself as the other. Pity them for their failings and take joy in their successes. Realize that what you strongly dislike about certain others may be because you fear that it exists in yourself. Or, you may have been hurt by things like this in the past.

 Forgive all past transgressions and forgive yourself for your past failings. When you conquer this, you achieve a level of spiritual consciousness few do.