Your Spiritual Reading for Today - Honor the past, that which you cannot change, to move forward.

Posted by Energy Artist Julia on Jul 16th 2020

When you find yourself mourning your past, take steps to grieve. The past can haunt you if do not honor the fallen. It can be a person that has passed, a former relationship, job or home that you have left. Your energy may be drained by what Buddhist's call Hungry Ghosts, who feed off the energy of what is left undone.

To release, you can create an alter to honor the past. Set aside a special place in your home, a shelf, a table top or a mantle. Use beautiful cloth and place special objects to remember a lost loved one or something else you grieve. Include flowers or incense. Add to the space or remove objects over time and let the altar evolve.

This may become a permanent place of honoring or when you feel the process is complete close the space. Be free of the weight of the past.