Your Spiritual Reading for Today - Outwardly directing anger often has unintended consequences, so you may want to choose to take a higher road.

Posted by Energy Artist Julia on Jul 9th 2020

When someone crosses the line, you may literally see red and react by cutting the other with your verbal sword. As you proceed with the tongue lashing, fire can feed fire and you can become furious, blinded by emotion.

It is almost never a good choice to use anger to gather energy, which you then direct toward another. You have access to more benign sources of inspiration to motivate you and give you strength to face adversity.

Because of the laws of karma, outwardly directed anger almost always bounces back to you. On some level there may be repercussions. Remember we are all one and expressing emotion in this manner is a form of administering 50 lashes to yourself.

 Ultimately, you may experience more disruption than your intended recipient. Before exploding, walk away.