Your Spiritual Reading for Today - "Release anger toward unfair treatment with a conscious ritual. "

Posted by Energy Artist Julia on Jul 16th 2020

When you hold onto sour grapes and believe that you were treated unfairly, you can cultivate bitterness. Unfortunately, you are the one who savors the bile. You plant seeds of distrust and may push future acts of kindness away, mistaking them for more mistreatment.

It is time for you to perform a ritual to help you forgive. Write all you grievances on a piece of paper. Then hold the paper to your mouth and blow any remaining spitefulness into the document. Have the intent to forgive the unforgivable and to find closure with a plan to move forward. Next, safely burn the paper or, if fire is not possible, drown the missive in a large bowl of water.

When complete write a new list of gratitude for what you learned and for what you will create now that you are free from these binds.