Your Spiritual Reading for Today -Sending daggers with your words or actions will only lead to your own suffering. Take a step back first.

Posted by Energy Artist Julia on Jul 21st 2020

When you feel spiteful, stop and consider the possible fruits of this emotion. When you express bitter anger, are there ever any benefits? Yes, you may feel a temporary release, but did you permanently close a door with your outburst?

 Holding these feelings in and not expressing your concern in a helpful manner can be just as unhealthy. When you experience a conflict, remove yourself from the situation and collect your thoughts. Return to the conversation when calm and sort issues in a productive manner.

Communicate your needs without blaming or accusing others. How can you frame the situation so the other can put themselves in your shoes? The relationship will founder or perhaps be permanently broken if you cannot approach the discussion with maturity. Communicate to uplift not punish.