Your Spiritual Reading for Today - Wash your heart clean from envious thoughts and discover your own worthiness.

Posted by Energy Artist Julia on Jul 16th 2020

When you feel bitter, look into your own heart and see if you find your own hurt, envy or jealousy. Your emotions may be triggered because crave what you do not have.

Do you desire supportive friends, a meaningful job, and peace of heart? Or, do you rationalize unkind thoughts, because you see yourself as morally or ethically superior? You have your own divine purpose. Experience your own worthiness without needing to be “better” than others.

In the grand design, each individual has a role and you will experience great satisfaction when you are in alignment with your calling. Criticizing others or feeling less than others does nothing to uplift your situation.

Forgive yourself and others of weaknesses and hold a kind perspective. Your sunny outlook will lead to unexpected opportunities.