Your Spiritual Reading Today- Cool competitiveness to have more peaceful conversations.

Posted by Energy Artist Julia on Jun 25th 2020

You have someone in your life that pushes your buttons. They continually attempt to provoke you and seem to relish doing so. 

Look at yourself. Are you competitive with this person? In subtle or less subtle ways do you try to prove them “wrong”? Do you tell them all the things you have accomplished or how others have praised you? Does this pattern pervade your social and intimate relationships or is it just one person who irritates you? Could you be insecure and need to outperform others to feel good about yourself? 

To heal this unproductive pattern, start with modifying your self-talk. When you self-criticize, shift your inner voice to self-love and substitute praise. Allow yourself to stumble and fail without self-criticism. Soon you might find others provoking you less.