Your Spiritual Reading Today - Listen to the positive inspiration from your inner guidance to lead you to abundance and safety.

Posted by Energy Artist Julia on Jun 8th 2020

You are always watched over. Do not fear ...

Fear can paralyze and override any positive inspiration you might receive to propel you forward.

But remember, you are always watched over and continually receive protective guidance.Quiet your mind and listen. 

To hear more clearly simply acknowledge that on some level you are safe; your innate essence cannot be destroyed. 

Even death is not what is seems. With the knowledge that spirit wants you to succeed, start with a prayer of gratitude and acknowledge 5 simple gifts you already have. 

Maybe you have a safe place to live with clean water and food. Maybe you have loving family and friends. 

Once you see you are protected in big and small ways, you will step into the flow that will allow abundance to expand and grow. 

This flow will inspire you and give you ideas that will lead you out of danger and provide sustenance.