Your Spiritual Reading Today: Monitor And Raise Your Vibration While Communicating - Click to see complete reading.

Your Spiritual Reading Today: Monitor And Raise Your Vibration While Communicating - Click to see complete reading.

Posted by Energy Artist Julia on Jan 12th 2021

Focus on raising the vibration of all your communications, external, internal and with spirit.

Dear Friends,

Today I realized, and confirmed through spirit that right now it is important you keep your vibration high when communicating with others through spoken words, written words and especially through your thoughts.

For your spiritual, physical and even financial well-being it is very important you keep the calming energies of love ever present in your heart when you interact with others.

When you communicate with someone who is angry, and there are many people like this now, you are coming into contact with a low vibration that can hurt you.

Do all you can to take the high road of love and understanding. It may not seem like it, but your energies will affect that person and help them over time as they begin to process the affects of your very different energy.

But if you cannot help but being pulled down by the lower vibration, it is time to choose, at least temporarily if damage to you is or is not outweighed but the help you might provide. Sometimes you just have to take a break.

If you are on social media this may mean snoozing someone for 30 days. If you are getting emails or calls, you may want to wait to deal with them when you are in the right vibrational space, or delay responses if that is appropriate.

Keeping your thoughts in a high vibration is also important. Your inner dialog communicates with your own subconscious and sets your life path. I can’t stress enough how important it is to be aware of your thoughts and feelings as they occur. This awareness gives you the ability to change what you are thinking about and how you are interacting with your world.

Your inner thoughts and feelings also dictate how you converse with higher realms, planting the seeds of your intentions through the law of attraction. If you plant negative seeds, negative things will manifest in your life. If you plant positive seeds, your life can transform into the most wonderful of experiences.

One final note on this … if you are devouring all this negative news … if you are constantly on your phone or waiting for the next shoe to drop, it is time to distract yourself with something positive and forward looking that will better your situation in life.Try looking at the news only once a day or less. It will still be there if you don’t check it every hour, or as some people tell me, every few minutes. There is little to be gained by this kind of habit.

Remember, constantly watching negative news can devolve into a life-destroying addiction.

Negativity is a trap that slowly wears you down like a battery, until one day, you are trapped and cannot get out. Some people never get out of this trap and die angry and broken.

For you and for all those you love who surround you, consider more closely monitoring negative inputs coming your way, negative thoughts and feelings you may have and then begin extinguishing those fires with high vibration love, understanding and empathy.

When you improve the vibration of internal and external communications, you once again walk the path of light and joy as spirit intended.


Energy Artist Julia