Your Spiritual Reading Today - Use your energy radar to determine why you are unsettled and protect yourself from external negativity.

Posted by Energy Artist Julia on Jun 8th 2020

When you feel unnerved or uneasy, your instinct may be trying to warn you about a minor danger. Sudden distress may indicate an external force. Perhaps someone in the room is in a foul mood and you feel slimed by their negative emotions.Someone may be jealous or angry at you. There could be energetic residue in your surroundings from a previous event. 

Because you are a highly intuitive being, you can sense these “bad” vibes. Leave if you feel you the situation is unsafe or to distance yourself from the negativity. Honor your gut feelings. 

If you stay, use your intent to surround yourself in a protective bubble of light. Visualize negative energy being blocked by the exterior of the bubble. Invoke your guardian angels for assistance until you feel calm and peaceful.