The "Miracle Stone" Angelic Protection Bracelet. Charoite and carved quartz. One miracle already reported.

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A miracle happened after my husband touched these stones and later, instead of being gravely injured in an accident, he was completely unharmed. 

That’s how this bracelet came to be named: The “Miracle Stone” Angelic Protection Bracelet. Learn more below.

Made from beautiful, protective, high chakra charoite combined with angel invoking carved clear quartz and quartz drop, hematite.  Gold fill clasp.


Limited release. Only 31 made. Hurry If You Want One.

Sold with a 30 day money back guarantee and a 120 day exchange guarantee.

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A letter from Julia About Your Bracelet


Dear Friends,

When I completed this high vibration bracelet, it was so beautiful that the first thing that came to mind was of angelic powers surrounding and protecting whoever wore it. 

I asked my husband Spencer and he felt the same thing.  He even asked me to put an angelic background with the photo of it to signify its stunning, divine powers. 

Then a near tragedy was averted by a miracle and I realized that the bracelet truly has protective powers. 

When I first made this bracelet, Spencer was looking at it and running the stones through his fingers as he does when he touches those he feels are magic.  He is one of those people the stones talk to.

He didn’t wear it, as it is really a women’s bracelet, but it seems just touching it was enough.

It was definitely on his mind when one night he went out to feed his rescue horses and a large, 9.5 lb rock fell 5 feet from the top of the hay and struck him in the face as he looked up.

By some miracle, the rock simply bounced off of his right cheekbone without even bruising him.  It should have shattered the bones in his face, but it caused him no harm.

He said he heard a buzzing sound right before it struck, just like he had heard before when he once discovered a sacred white monolith shrine in the mountains and lost 7 hours time. 

It was like a protective energy got between him and the rock.

We called the whole incident our “Christmas Miracle” as it happened right about then.  We even saved the rock.

Why This Miracle Happened - We know the bracelet’s stones helped.

The first thing I thought when Spencer came in and told me what happened and showed me the rock, was that spirit had bigger plans for him and sent the angels to protect him. 

I also thought that the Crestone vortex powers which surround us had something to do with it. 

But looking back, I now believe that the bracelet also had a big part in protecting Spencer based on what it contains and the timing of when the rock struck Spencer.  Here are the angelic stones of protection that helped.

Beautiful Purple Chariot - This is a high vibration chakra stone that not only calms you and helps connect with angelic and divine powers, but also protects through that connection.

Exquisitely Carved Clear Quartz - Like charoite, this stone also connects you to divine powers.  It has the added benefit of balancing all the chakras.  

But its greatest power is to super-charge the energies of the stones it is next to. So charoite functions at a much higher level, as much as ten times more power when combined with this stone.  

I think the shape of the quartz also helps. This carvings in this stone focus and concentrate energies into the charoite.

Hematite - I also believe that the hematite in this bracelet helped Spencer because it grounds you in mother earth and gives you a rock solid attachment to attract and receive angelic energies from above.

This hematite has been treated with lasers, which react with the surface, turn it a golden color and seal the surface so it doesn’t leave the black residue hematite normally does.

What You Can Expect And Why I Wear it

If I knew I was going to be in a car accident, this is what I hope I would be wearing.  

But with that said, I can’t guarantee it will protect you like it did Spencer.

I certainly don’t condone going out and doing something dangerous and thinking this will protect you.  So please be careful. While these stones are know to have protective powers, they don’t make you invulnerable.

Still, in the face of uncertainty, this is what I would wear.  It gives me hope and a sense that whatever happens in this world, spirit, my guides and my angels will be near.

And It Is Really Beautiful

This is one of the prettiest bracelets you will ever wear. I am constantly holding my arm out to look at it on my wrist, and other people notice it when I wear it around town.

Usually they say “what is that stone?”  Then I of course get excited to tell them about it.  If you like compliments, you will certainly get them wearing this.

Protective Blessing Included

Using the same method I do for mass blessing and healings, I have asked spirit to place a protective blessing over you and anyone near you when you wear it.  When I do this, the stones seem to shine brighter.

Many have commented that they go from being just stones to being something filled with life, energy and sentience.

Hand Selected Protection Stones - Limited Quantities

Good, authentic charoite like this is really hard to get these days. There are many fakes, and much of it has way too much black and not enough purple.

We spent many, many hours sorting through piles of beads to assemble these for you - the most beautiful and most protective stones. One of the things we do is hand-select so you get the best.

But unfortunately, that means there are not a lot of them available.

Considering the limited availability, and the fact that we often sell out quickly, I hope you are able to get one, or more for yourself. 

You will be glad you did.



Energy Artist Julia

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