The Natural Healing Leaf Bracelet - Taps you into the healing powers of nature’s communal network. Gold, silver, amethyst.

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This Bracelet's Organic Form And Energies Help You Connect To Natures Natural Healing Network.
Just looking at it you can feel its connection to the forest web of all life. Wear it and really feel its powers of interconnected energies.
Energy Channeled And Balanced By Julia
There is a vast mycorrhizal healing network connecting all life on our planet. When you wear this bracelet, you tap into it, and suddenly you really see the beauty of our world ~ Energy Artist Julia
Learn how it works below.
Adjustable Size - Small, Medium, Medium/Large. Available in both rare lavender and darker purple amethyst. We are not charging more for the lavender amethyst. Solid 925 silver with 2.5 micron gold plate that won't rub off plus amethyst and green cz.
Sold for three of four times less than what you would pay in a jewelry store.

All items sold with a 30 day money back guarantee and a 120 day exchange guarantee! Energy blessed in our new age studios in Gypsum, Colorado USA. 

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Dear Friends,
Did you know that within our landscape, and especially our forests, you are all part of the great mycorrhizal network (represented and channeled in this bracelet) that links all living things, nourishes, heals, and supports all living beings?
This underground network, made up of thin strands of fungi-mycelium, moves nutrients and water between plants and trees, directing them to where they can best be used to help all plants and even animals thrive. 
We are, after all, creatures who came from the trees. And we still connect with them.
When you find a big old tree, that feeling of bonding that overcomes you isn’t just a feeling. There is much more at play. You have an ancient link to the forest that once brought us all we needed. It stretches across our planet, in one form or another.
When you feel exhilarated in the outdoors, when you breathe in the air that includes spores traveling from the network, you are reconnecting to it. You are healing, thriving, and growing. 
How This Bracelet Works For You - A Breakthrough Healing Method
The left side of the bracelet represents the mycelium, growing out through golden strands to form brilliant green life. 
The right side represents a leaf, and the plants of the world, which thrive in the network. In the center is gem graded faceted amethyst, a product of the earth that enables cosmic third eye seeing, communication and healing through the network. That beautiful amethyst represents you and your place in the network.
When you get your bracelet and follow the included instructions-mantra, you can energetically connect to the network to receive or give healing. The feeling when you put it on and say the words is one of harmony and deep communion with nature.
Wear it on a walk and you will see and feel so many things that you would normally have overlooked. You realize that your world is filled with beauty, joy, and wonder. You feel kind of like a forest goddess. 
In the mass blessings I do, I have found that asking spirit to send them through the network is much more effective. And you can send healing energies that way too. 
Not only does channeling through the network help you but it seems to have a big effect on the world around me. People seem more at peace. I see less road rage. The plants in my garden, the animals that come to it, and the fairies seem to be much more active afterward.
It is like when I choose to use the network, everything thrives and my world becomes something of a garden paradise. 
Wear it, and you connect to natural healing where you and your world blooms!
Limited Quantities - Great Value. Hurry - Prices Will Go Up.
I had this bracelet made before prices for the materials went way up. They will cost quite a bit more if I even have them made again.
Each is hand-carved, starting with wax, then cast in gold and silver. So making them is a very elaborate and time-consuming process.
If you resonate with this, now is the time to get it. You would pay three or four times what I am charging if you were to get this in a jewelry store.
Guaranteed To Help You
I guarantee that when you put this on and follow the instructions, you will sense a deep harmony with nature, and better be able to give and receive healing. If it doesn’t work for you, return it within 30 days for a refund.
Fabulous To Wear
This is really a stunning piece. I love to wear it. People notice and ask about it. I feel alive and full of energy when I wear it. That is what energy jewelry is really all about. 
I hope you will treat yourself to something really nice like this — a piece you will cherish and wear forever.
Energy Artist Julia
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Product Reviews

  • 5
    beautiful silver bangle

    Posted by Shirley H. on Aug 18th 2022

    It is a beautiful silver bangle...resembles tree of life with i chosen a light colored amythest...i wear it every day when outside walking...making me connect more deeply to the trees and surroundings!

  • 5
    beautiful silver bangle

    Posted by Shirley H. on Aug 8th 2022

    I wear this beautiful silver bangle every reminds me of close to the nature! This amethyst is really glittering under the sun, so pretty!

  • 5
    Healing Leaf Bracelet

    Posted by Amy on Feb 9th 2022

    Looks just like the picture. So beautiful. I love it and that it is a good weight that I will wear with confidence. You can feel the good energy it holds.