The “No Worries” Bracelet - Helps alleviate the spiritual effects of chronic worry. Lepidolite, Amethyst, Charoite and Turquoise

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Life Is Too Short To Be Plagued By The Negative Energies of Worry. These stones diminish its spiritual effects.
The "No Worries" Energy Bracelet
4 stones that combat the negative energies of fear.
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This is what I wear when I really start stressing about things.  I can feel it alleviate the negative energies from worry. ~ Energy Artist Julia

Sold with a 30 day money back guarantee and a 120 day exchange guarantee. 


Dear Friends,
There’s a cost to worrying all the time. It can wear you down, make life much harder, and in the end get you nowhere.
People always say that you shouldn’t worry because 99.9% of things you worry about never happen. And while this sounds reasonable, it is still often difficult to avoid worry.  It is in our DNA to pick out possible mishaps and think through them before they happen.
But at some point, the worry can go from being cautious and protective to irrational and damaging.  
I’m assuming if you do face chronic worry, you are seeking medical professional help for this. If so, then the next step is to disrupt the spiritual effects of this worry. 
I have a combination of stones to help combat the spiritual damage of constant worry and bring your energies back to a restful, peaceful and focused state. I’ve placed them into the “No Worries” bracelet.
Here they are and what they do for you.
Charoite - This is a stone that has become rare in the past few years and I was lucky enough to get some authentic pieces. Due to the increasing rarity it is one of the most counterfeited stones sold on the internet. We feel fortunate to have some.
It is believed to calm worries, calm the mind and increase optimism which along with its beautiful lavender coloration makes it a wonderful find.
Lepidolite - This bracelet has some really beautiful, AAA grade lavender lepidolite with a great coloration I rarely see. It is known as the “grandmother stone” because it is said to calm, comfort and encourage you like a grandparent.
Amethyst - This stone is known to help you see things clearly, seeing through deception and especially combating self-deception which is closely related to irrational fears and worries. 
This can help you combat worry with truth. It also connects you to higher levels of consciousness so you can seek answers to problems you may be facing.
Turquoise - This stone provides spiritual protection from negative energies and bad luck, while healing you from their effects.
This is an excellent combination of stones to help with the spiritual effects of chronic worry. Each supports and strengthens the powers of the other. This is the only bracelet I know with all four stones.
Energy Blessed
I energy blessed these stones to deflect and diminish the negative effects of worry on your spiritual health using the same method I do for mass blessings.
I guarantee that if you get this bracelet, and follow its included instructions, you will feel relief from the spiritual effects of worry. If it doesn’t work for you, return it within 30 days for a refund.  
I Pray For Your Peace Of Mind
I’ve lived with a chronic worrier for years, so I personally know how hard this can be on a person. 
With your permission, I will say a prayer for you when you receive this piece, that will you will experience some peace of mind and that your inner light will not be diminished by nagging worry. Just let me know when you place your order and I will do this for you.
If you are getting this for someone else, just let me know their first name in the notes/special instructions section when you place your order and I will do it for them instead.
Energy Artist Julia
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Don't Wait
You know that worry can sap your spiritual energies, and
This is a way to bring some relief from this burden, so
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Product Reviews

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    Magnificent Serenity

    Posted by A Justine on Aug 18th 2023

    Not only is this piece stunningly beautiful, but it brings me so much peace and comfort each time I put it on. The intentions really elevate its effects, and when I wear it it reminds me everything will be all right. It's colors are gorgeous and soothing. Touching the smooth beautiful stones always brings me calmness.

  • 5
    The No Worries Bracelet

    Posted by Michelle Norman on Mar 23rd 2023

    My husband bought me this bracelet. I received it today and I'm just blown away as to how gorgeous this bracelet is. I can feel it's power immediately after I took it out of the box! Thank you so much!