5 Healing Necklaces for a Better Life

5 Healing Necklaces for a Better Life

Posted by Energy Artist Julia on Sep 7th 2021

When we are drained of our energy and are not feeling our best selves, it can take a toll on our lives in more ways than one. The best way to combat this occurrence is by channeling higher vibrations in your life, which can be accomplished in a number of ways. One of the easiest and most effective ways of doing so is by wearing healing jewelry.

At Energy Artist Julia, I work tirelessly to provide all of my clients with the highest quality and highest vibrating jewelry along with art pieces. I bless every piece prior to any sale, which amplifies their effectiveness and energetic properties. I aim to raise your vibrations and positive energies, which will, in turn, do the same for our entire population and planet.

I create and bless gorgeous healing jewelry of varying designs, stones, gems, and vibrances. All of my pieces not only feel good, but also look good. One of my most stunning types of jewelry is healing necklaces. Let’s take a closer look at my top five necklaces that are ideal for healing so that you can get to healing and thriving in your life.

1.Amethyst 7 Chakra Healing Pendant

The powers of amethyst have been well known for centuries. This precious stone is ideal for relieving stress and mood swings, but especially releasing anger, irritability, anxiety, and fear. Alongside these incredible capabilities, it also aids you in opening your spiritual mind and becoming more spiritually aware.

When wearing this pendant, all seven of your chakras will be opened. On this silver-plated amethyst pendant, there are seven stones aligning with their corresponding chakras. The real amethyst stone has the pyramid shape on both the top and bottom, allowing the pendant to connect with heaven and Earth simultaneously, which adds even more healing powers to the entire necklace and you.

2.Stone of Ascension Energy Necklace

If you are looking for a necklace that opens all of your chakras while also boosting your self-confidence to new and unprecedented heights, then this is the perfect healing necklace for you. The Stone of Ascension Energy Necklace has quartz from the Himalayas, which are double terminating. This trait makes it extremely highly vibrating, bringing you and your energy soaring upwards.

This stunning necklace in particular works to open all of your chakras, while also connecting you with every body you have: spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical. Once this connection is accomplished, all of your bodies are then perfectly linked with consciousness. This creates a whole and complete well-being. This necklace will undoubtedly connect you with spirits too, who will talk with you. Keep this necklace close to your heart for shocking and marvelous results.

3.The Ultimate Lucky Necklace

Maybe you are feeling greatly connected with yourself, the heavens, and the Earth. However, luck hasn’t been on your side in recent times. With the Ultimate Lucky Necklace, luck will refind you and your energy once again. I have channeled remarkable energies into this piece just for your luck to turn around because we both know you deserve it.

The pendant is ammonite and has long-known mystical powers, which masters in Feng Shui have referred to as “the prosperity stone.” In its chain, however, there are even more energetic gems and stones, such as blue apatite, sunstone, copper, and bayong wood with mala beads and an abalone inlay. These healing necklaces will provide you with remarkable prosperity and wealth.

4.The Tranquil Mind Energy Necklace

The stresses of life can often be overbearing and stifling. It can be difficult to escape them and many of us, unfortunately, can easily be swallowed up by their negativity. That’s where the Tranquil Mind EnergyNecklace comes in. Wearing this necklace will undoubtedly relax you and make you feel less stressed than you have in years.

The aqua blue impression jasper stone can bring you tranquility and inner peace. You’ll be allowed to see life in a new perspective while the stone absorbs any present and future negative stress from your life. The chain is also calming with its copper and antiqued brass.

5.The Eternal Love Sacred Energy Necklace

“Love” is at the heart of this stunning piece. With the powers of multi-colored tourmaline, gold, silver, and yellow tourmaline, it boasts the phrase “I will love you forever.” This enchanted and blessed necklace, when worn, will reignite the fire within you. You will feel an undiminishing fire and love for life. If you are currently feeling like your normally zestful self has been greatly diminished, then wearing this necklace will rekindle that love of life and self.

These are only the top five healing necklaces, but I have a plethora of other life-altering jewelry and art pieces available to cater to your specific needs. Be sure to explore them all to find the best piece for you, your style preference, and your needs to best improve yourself.