The Ultimate Lucky Necklace - Includes the luckiest stones for attracting prosperity, wealth and abundance.

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Long Ago Feng Shui Masters Discovered That This Ammonite Fossil Is The Luckiest Thing You Can Ever Wear!
I've added to it a magical combination of very lucky stones that super charge its legendary powers to bring you prosperity, wealth, success and abundance. Nobody else offers this divinely inspired, lucky combination.
Guaranteed To Bring You Good Luck Or You Can Return It For A Refund*
We only sell the best stones. Includes energy channeled and blessed ammonite fossil, blue apatite, sunstone (very valuable in this amount), bayong mala beads with abalone, and lucky copper. Made in the high mountains of Gypsum, CO USA.
We all know people who always seem to have great luck. When you wear this, your energy field changes and you become one of those people ~ Energy Artist Julia
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Adjustable 16" to 20" inches.  Pendant 1" inches long. 
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All items sold with a 30 day money back guarantee and a 120 day exchange guarantee! Stones are photographed in direct sunlight to show their colors. 

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Dear Friends,
I don’t know about you, but with all the uncertainty out there I have a nagging fear about the future, especially when it comes to financial survival. With so much chaos and negativity around you, and more bad news every day, it is difficult for anyone to not worry about finances, health and safety.
It can wear on your emotions, your ability to manifest and draw abundance to you.
But Spirit Has Now Provided Help For You
At the studio we always pray to spirit, that whatever we create and release will help people in the way they most need it at a particular time. This necklace, created under the guidance of the creator, is what came about as most necessary for you right now.
We were guided to use our ammonite fossils to help you. Feng Shui masters often call ammonite the prosperity stone. They have learned that the fossil is exceedingly lucky and suggest you place one in your home or wear it to bring wealth, good health, vitality and joy.
Really, many see it is essential for your prosperity to have ammonite in your home and to wear it when you need good luck.
They believe it stimulates the flow of qi, life force through your body which heals and helps direct your soul path to align with the path of abundance and prosperity. 
In addition, it is believed to act as a filter for energy sucking negativity, drawing it in and turning it into positive energies. This is especially helpful if you face a negative or even toxic situation that is blocking your good luck.
Ammonite is also known to bring structure and clarity to confusing situations. It circulates your energy to bring stability to your auric field. It brings balance to mind, body and spirit when you are feeling out of sorts. It is said to help with inter-dimensional travel, rebirthing, and discovery of past lives. 
But what it is most famous for is bringing wealth and prosperity to those who wear it.
We’ve added to this necklace certain stones to make the ammonite far more powerful than if worn alone. I wanted something that would change your fortunes for the rest of your life. See what these lucky stones are below.
Here Are The Added Stones That Make Your Necklace So Lucky
Sunstone - Guides You To The Pot Of Gold. This stone was used in ancient times to help guide nordic mariners sailing on cloudy days, and spiritually, to help guide you to prosperity. 
It is a stone of Ra, putting disorder into order, bringing light to darkness, bringing you mental clarity and illuminating your way towards the things you would like to manifest. It adds a guiding light to the lucky powers of your ammonite. It directs you to that pot of gold on your life path.
Blue Apatite - Keeps You On Track To Fortune. This stone empowers you to succeed in the pursuit of things you want, including abundance. It stimulates the intellect and personal growth so you can find things you may have overlooked that can help you achieve prosperity, or whatever else you want. It adds greatly to the lucky powers of the ammonite.
Bayong Wood Beads With Abalone Inlay - Helps You Accumulate Wealth In A Spiritual Manner. These are a jeweled type of mala bead that assist in spiritual growth, development and evolution. In this configuration it also acts as a protective eye, dispersing all negative energies that would keep you from being lucky.
Adding the abalone inlay also helps temper the pursuit of prosperity so it isn’t bowling over things in your way. Instead, you achieve your prosperity the way spirit intended through peaceful communication, cooperation, compromise, harmony and balance.  
Lucky Copper - For Attracting Money To You. The chain is jewelry grade copper which is considered very luck and known to attract money to you.
Combined, these elements making up the necklace are the perfect combination for bringing you good luck, prosperity, wealth and success.
Energy Artist Julia
Your Good Luck Is Guaranteed*
I guarantee that if you get this and wear it for two weeks, all the while saying to yourself "I'm lucky" that you will experience uncommonly good luck you never would have expected. If it doesn't work for you, return it within 30 days for a refund.*
Gift Box And Descriptive Card Included
These come in a nice gift box for you or in case you want to give them as a gift. They also include a card describing the spiritual properties of the piece as well as a special blessing/prayer you can use to activate its powers.
Waiting Will Cost You Because The Price Goes Up
You may have noticed I often offer the biggest discounts for the first 12 or so items sold. Then, as we get near to sellout the price goes up, eventually reaching full retail for the last ones sold. The best deals are always when you buy right away, so please don’t wait.
Last Chance
You have a risk free, guaranteed way to improve your luck, success and prosperity, and
You get to wear something beautiful and magical, so
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This item, images and writing all Copyright Julia Watkins. All rights reserved. May not be reproduced or copied without written permission.

*Note: These items DO NOT replace the need for medical treatment or counseling, financial advice or physical protection if you are your family are in a dangerous situation.  It does not cure the carona virus.  While it is believed to attract the energies of love, it cannot change the will of others and love only comes if spirit has made it a part of your path. Our obligation under this warranty and guaranty is limited only to the price paid directly to us for the item, and in purchasing you agree to release us from all other obligations. 


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    Lucky necklace

    Posted by Robin LaDuc on Aug 7th 2021

    When I wear this I feel that anything is possible

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    Interesting piece

    Posted by DJOURA ABBAS on Jun 24th 2021

    It is an interesting piece of jewelry. A bit different and I love the feeling of abundance that it provides.