Your Spiritual Reading for Today - Avoid letting a blue mood become your modus operandi.

Posted by Energy Artist Julia on Jul 9th 2020

Life has its ups and downs. Sometimes you may feel clouds over your head when all around you it is a sunny day. You can allow yourself to experience temporarily sadness or dejection as this is part of the cycle of emotions and may be a necessary release.

Focus on the kernel of hope which is always present. Catch yourself if negativity becomes a pattern and take steps to reverse your outlook. Are you experiencing burnout? Maybe you need a day of pampering or simply a good night’s sleep to perk up. Perhaps, you need to look at your diet and consult a nutritionist to remove foods and add supplements to foster a more positive mood.

Consider turning to your support system, seen and unseen, to be guided to the resources you need. Ask for assistance and miracles will happen.