Your Spiritual Reading for Today - Calm receptive memories of stressful situations by focusing on the present moment.

Posted by Energy Artist Julia on Jul 15th 2020

If you live in a constant state or worry or agitation, stress hormones cascade through your body keeping many body systems activated. This can be very draining for you and can cause unwanted physical consequences.

Some stress is more like excitement and helps accomplish tasks and goals. This type of energy boost should be temporary and dissipate. If you notice you are always on high alert, contemplate the origin. Are you truly in a dangerous situation which you should leave? Were you conditioned to be afraid by a current or former abuser?

Take steps to be safe, as your instinct may be trying to alert you. If you are safe and still feel constantly agitated, prioritize self care. Bring your focus to the present moment, this is a technique which can dissolve residual stress.