Your Spiritual Reading Today - You can change your aggravation into positive emotions

Posted by Energy Artist Julia on Jun 8th 2020

Negativity does not have to hold you hostage. Allow the whirlwind of your negativity to change into more positive emotions.

You may experience feeling as though you are in a tornado, with generally negative emotions and thoughts swirling around you, sometimes too quickly to grasp or even identify. 

Hostile feelings can not only hurt you, but those you care about. To work through this, take long, slow, deep breaths until your mind is no longer focused only on the frustrating situation, but can broaden to include awareness of the other involved individuals. 

By simply considering the care you feel for the individual or circumstance that is confronting you, you can choose to step back and readdress the situation, thus allowing space for more positive emotions like compassion and love to replace that annoyance.