Red Coral Love And Passion Power Bracelet. Many say it is an aphrodisiac.

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On My Hottest Valentine’s Date - I Wore Red Coral Like This. Many say it is an aphrodisiac.

Introducing: The Red Coral Love And Passion Power Bracelet

Features energy-infused, red coral passion beads with red coral brass inlay beads and hematite.

Fills you with power, passion, sensual attraction, confidence and authority.  Great on a date but also works in situations like business where you need to project authority and influence.
This bracelet is being sold with a 30 day money back guarantee and a 120 day exchange guarantee. Guaranteed you will project more power, confidence and sensuality, or you can return it within 30 days for a refund.
Comes with a card describing its spiritual powers and how to best activate them.

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A Letter from Julia About Your Bracelet

Dear Friends,

Years ago, when I first met Spencer, we went on one of our first Valentine’s day dates, a date I will always remember.

I wore a red Nicole Miller dress, red shoes, fishnet stockings and of course red coral jewelry.

Red coral jewelry is the key. Known in some cultures for its aphrodisiac effect, it aligns with the planet mars bringing you energy, vitality, life force, financial security and some even believe fertility.  

At the restaurant, I undoubtably put out those energies. A lot of people stopped to stare and I had other women coming up and telling me how much they liked my outfit.  

And the next morning, as the sun came up, and I realized I had not yet slept, I looked at my clothes strewn on the floor, and the red coral I still wore, and thought about how totally in love I was (and still am) with Spencer.  Then I woke him up again.

This Is What I’m Wearing On Valentine’s Day. But Actually, I’ve Been Wearing It Every Day To Energize Me

This Valentine’s day I’ll be wearing red coral again, this time in the form of my new Love And Passion bracelet.

I’ve actually been wearing it every day because it just makes me feel so alive, filled with energy and really feeling the power women possess, especially when we wear red.

Ethically Sourced Coral With Brass Inlay

The coral in this bracelet comes from coral farms, not from reefs. So it isn’t causing loss of ocean life and is actually improving it by adding more coral to the ecosystem.

Some of the beads are brass inlaid with coral, which increases the energies of passion and love the stones emit and creates a better connection between you and the red coral.

I also included laser treated hematite, which appears gold and grounds you in the sensual powers of mother earth.

Wear It Every Day To Empower You And Gain Influence

This isn’t just for valentine’s day.  This is something you would wear any time you want to feel attractive and empowered.  At work, while men might wear a red power tie, women would wear something like this to assert their influence and project confidence in any situation.

And Don’t Forget About Red Coral’s Attraction Energies

I thought I should mention that women who wear red coral are seen as attractive and desirable.  It is bold and sensual.  It piques the curiosity in others about the mystical secrets you hold. 

I hope you will be able to get one, wear it and feel like I do when I put it on.



Energy Artist Julia

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All photographic images, jewelry and writing Copyright Julia Watkins  All rights reserved.

*Note Regarding Uses And Warranty:  This item is focused on healing and protection of the spirit only. It is not intended for physical healing or protection and you should seek medical help for physical and emotional ailments.  We do not guarantee you will win money in cards.  While amethyst is known to help you see truth, we do not guarantee you will never be duped, cheated or scammed. Always use common sense and seek professional advice when making any decision.  This a crystal and as such, if you hit it on a solid object it will crack or break. We do not warranty breakage under those circumstances. All items are inspected for defect before we send them out. Our obligation under this guarantee is limited to the price paid directly to us for the item. No other warranties are hereby made. Stone grade is subjective and a best estimate based on available data. Carat weight is based on measurements and average density.  In purchasing you agree to these terms.